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Fist of Stone powers: Tremore & Faultline

Here is the next DS2:BW update, alittle overdue but I took a brief vacation from my computer. ^^ This time we have been given some information about the two Fist of Stone powers Tremor and Faultline.

When the legendary Fist of Stone Raknor Earthdelver waded in to combat, the ground shook around him from the force of his blows, destroying entire squads of his foes all at once.

Fists of Stone enhance their formidable melee combat abilities with powerful earth magic. Whenever a Fist of Stone with the Tremor skill uses a melee weapon to strike an enemy, he has a chance to cause a small earthquake that damages all surrounding monsters.

Fault Line
Dwarven Fists of Stone make a solemn vow to protect those who are not as strong as themselves. The Fault Line power is a tremendous tool that helps them perform that duty.

Fault Line creates a rumbling rift in the ground wherever the Fist of Stone desires. Monsters who try to cross the line are stunned and trapped by its force. The shaking ground tears in to them as well, dealing damage as long as they are stunned. A properly place Fault Line can stun large groups of monsters, preventing them from reaching the Fist of Stone’s companions and setting them up for another devastating power.

FoS seems like a really cool multiclass. Smile
You can download a movie showing the Fault line power in action here. (7.3 Mb)