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Broken World trailers

Already time for the next update. ^^

Gamespot has posted 2 BW trailers.
You can get them here:
Trailer1 .mpeg 6.5 Mb
Trailer2 .mpeg 32.8 Mb

Fileshack also hosts them.
Trailer1 .qt 14.6 Mb
Trailer2 .qt 74.7 Mb

note. You don't have to login to download on Fileshack, but it took a long time to download because of the size. Then again, the quality was better.

Btw, I am so gonna play a Fist of stone. :P

Did anyone check them out?

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I am DL'ing them now. I will inform you all of how they look. I'm hoping they aren't rubbish. Thanks for the fast responce time on finding and putting up the info for these.

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Sure, but I can't help but think of games from the 80s and early 90s when the narrator starts talking about "bosses and their special abilities".

Guess I'm in the minority, gamemakers must know what their market wants. Yet the more I see of DS2 and other RPGs - the more I appreciate DS1.

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Okay, before we begin, I recommend gamers view this movie online instead of downloading it, because there's nothing incredibly specific about these, just information. They're kinda large files, too. Enjoy, whatever you choose.

An overview of "Broken World Movie #1" as follows:

I'd like to make a quick note that this sequence takes place during a "NIS", which means "Non-interactive Sequence" for those of you not familiar with the modding background of Dungeon Siege I or II.

This movie isn't a true explainer, as with Movie #2, but it looks cool, and shows off what's going on.

We begin seeing one mean lookin' baddie talking to us. He gives us the usual bad guy boss jargin'. The old, "You are beginning to try my patience" routine.

The guy talking, appears to be some sort of monster a few plastic-surgeries away from a Morden....even on a good day. He's got what I want to call "arms" sticking out from his back, but in a cool-looking manner. A typical Morden magic-caster hood is on his head, with a symbol I can relate to the Morden with. The area before him appears all destroyed and "broken", if you will, giving meaning to the name "Broken World".

He explains how he owned the Elves, and he'll own you if you continue to kill his minions. (I use the term own to refer to defeating easily, to those of you who don't know internet slang, not literally owning someone) I wouldn't expect anything less of a bad guy. But, instead of owning you himself, which would end the game right there, he takes the time to spawn a few of his own significantly weaker minions. He floats in the air, and does some fancy spell-work. What makes him so awesome is that his entire body seems to move, many thanks to the animators at GPG for that.

What is most interesting is that he has a staff that appears to be made of a broken sword, formerly belonging to Valdis, I assume. What storyline I can draw from all of this is that this guy found Valdis' sword, and is either:

A. Angry you killed his boss, now he will take his revenge on you.
B. Was planning to take over anyway, now he's making his dream come true. Good for him.

He disappears, leaving his minions to do the dirty work, or the dying. The NIS then ends before the movie cuts out. You can vaguely hear the sound used in Dungeon Siege II marking a new or completed quest.

This was a cool looking trailer, all in all. Broken World is looking promising, but the storyline appears to be a little cliche of what Dungeon Siege II, the original was.

Okay, an overview of "Broken World Movie #2" as follows:

Daniel Actorman (sorry if I spelled his name wrong, I did my best), the lead designer for Dungeon Siege II: Broken Worlds takes us through this trailer. He overviews via a microphone.

He goes into detail specifically on Fist of Stone, which many of us have heard of. The character shown is a new multiclass fighter who modifies his abilities with earth and nature magic. Several examples of this are shown. Fist of Stone characters appear to be fantastic defensive characters, because in action, they boost the armor of the whole party and especially on the character who has it.

But don't be fooled, Fist of Stone is also very much offensive, causing small earthquakes, spikes to pop out of the ground, and explosions of fire engulf a large radius. Fist of Stone seems to be very well rounded.

The only possible problem that may arise from Fist of Stone is the healing ability granted to users. By default, melee fighters have a lot of health and a lot of armor, as they are used for wading through pools of melee carnage and becoming arrow pincushions. Added with Fist of Stone, they have a great skill in nature magic, the healing ability most prominently. The problem forseen is that fighters become even harder to be knocked unconcious, now that they have another great defense. This may cause an unbalance in the classes. Just an observation.

Monsters in Broken World also seem to be a lot more tricky to take down, as they have new attacks, such as pools of blood that damage everyone within it. Players can't expect to jump right into combat and expect to come out victorious. They need to use their abilities and play them against the weaknesses of their enemies.

As for ratings, apparently they are really pushing the Mature rating on this, as things getting very "bad" (I assume graphic, not vulgarity). There seems to be more hacking away of body parts, so much, in fact, that one seems to reminisce the scene with the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

As the party heads further through the dungeon, there are so many pools of blood, you almost think you switched from Dungeon Siege to Evil Dead. Quite darker than other Dungeon Sieges.

Bosses are no longer a big, cool looking thing that you just beat to a pulp until the reading on the bottom of the screen says "Dead <insert boss name here> 0:<insert health here>". But don't get me wrong, they still are big, and look cool, but now, the bosses use combinations of attacks, making them deadlier.

The movie ends with the party fighting a big 'ole boss that looks like one of the Flood from the Halo series, but on steroids and much larger. The boss is so intimidating, in fact, that Daniel decides to stop it there, putting an end to this video.

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Just streamed the movies (thanks for the tip LK Smile ).

Movie 1 looks like a reintroduction to the bad guy from DS2's finale (except for the sideways bone jaws are open, unlike the archmage models in ds2_world...). He must have picked up a piece of the sword on his way down off the mountain top...

As for movie 2, I am definately going to be playing a FoS character first when trying the xpack! Cool BTW, they may have the ability to heal, but healing takes casting time, and FoS chars won't be as strong as pure melee fighters because of the XP split with NM (so I don't think they'll be out of balance at all).