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Dark_Elf's Mothra Pet for Broken World


Mod Title: Dark_Elf's Mothra Pet for Broken World and Dungeon Siege II ?

this mod adds my purple moth named Mothra to pet shops. She has some cool spells so check her out.

Author: Dark_Elf
ReadMe Template by Sharkull

Mod Version Number: 4.0
Release Date: 21-4-2015
Mod Size (approx.): 136,524 Bytes
Contact Information:

Web Site:

Installation Instructions:
1. place in Broken World Resource folder xdemothra4.ds2res and remove xdemothra36, xdemothra3, DEMothra.ds2res and/or xdemothra.ds2res if they exists

2. Please use AllSaves or Elys Succubus to play mods… can use regular DungeonSiege 2 too, but don’t blame me for messed up saves.

Uninstall Instructions:
1. please release Mothra to wild, to prevent corrupt save and remove xdemothra4.ds2res from Broken World Resource.

Requirements / Compatibility
This mod requires Broken World for full functionality
Compatibility issues:
1. This mod should not conflict with DS2, DS2BW but will conflict with any mod that modifies petshops and powers.
2. If you find any problems please send me a comment at Siegetheday.

Mod Details
Single Player: Y
Multi-Player: ?
Difficulty Settings: N
New Graphics: Y
New Sounds / Music: N
New Weapons: N
New Armor: N
New Spells: Y
New Misc. Items (Rings, Amulets...): N
New Character(s): Y
New Enemy Type(s): N
Modified Experience / Attribute System: N
Modified Loot Drops: N
Modified Container: N
Modified GUI: N
Modified / Custom Map: N
Modified other: ...
Modding Tools Used: Notepad, Dungeon Siege Tool Kit 2, Tank Creator2, Irfanview, DXTBmp.

Version History
version 1.0 alpha, there are some bugs, namely the shop sometimes don't work, the power probably don't work and the aura is untested but exists.

bumping version to 3.0 using Broken World's active skill's edited to include Mothra's power.

version 3.5 changed Portrait Icon thanks to sigofmugmort, updated broken world pet shop, added icons for the power and the power works. Lessened the curse and health steal to 10% for baby pet

version 3.6 changed the level requirements and scale for growth development stages, now each stage has an attack and spell increasing with each stage of development for a total of 5 variation of the spells.

version 4.0 changed Mothra's number of sparks and leechlife to 2,3,4,6,8 for each pet development stage. changed the curse and leech life effect color to a purple variation. changed damage type to magical.

Content provided by: GasPoweredGames, and Dark_Elf
credits to sigofmugmort for testing and taking screen shots for which Mothra now has a new Portrait Icon. credits to iryan and Killergremal for their ds1 conversions.

Permission is given to use this mod for game playing but you may NOT use any or all of the items contained herein in another mod without my consent. This mod CANT be redistributed, and is only allowed on the Siegetheday website and may not be sold in part or in whole.

All title and intellectual property rights to the content of this mod are the property of the respective content owner and may be protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties.

Gas Powered Games and Dungeon Siege 2 are the exclusive trademarks of Gas Powered Games Corp and Microsoft. Dungeon Siege 2 Broken World is the exclusive trademark of Gas Powered Games and 2K Games

The author(s) of this mod accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this mod.




Do you plan to combine this with the huge pet pack you made?

it wouldn't be hard to combine as the files from Mothra would mostly overwrite the custom pets and be added with a few exceptions, but my dialup would probably corrupt the upload before it got uploaded, and I cant stand spending time constantly trying to upload the custom pets mod to this site, I get aggravated easily with the site timing out etc...

I can tell you this, the Mothra pet petsellers are more up to date and should be able to load all the old pets, its just the priority that could load the older mod that could make Mothra not available at petshops, as long as all the pet mods are available the pets should still work in party.

IC, that sounds very frustrating! I agree that it wouldn't be hard to combine the two.

Mothra4 is running nicely and I HIGHLY recommend Mothra if using Adepts


go ahead and combine the 2 if u want Dulac, u have permission to update it as u see fit, but only you my friend have this special status... I found out today the place I get my internet is now closed, so I cant get another month, so as of right now this is my last day of internet, I will only have access at the local library now and wont be able to upload or download. I very much want to see Mothra fully integrated to the custom pets reloaded and all pets available for compatibility and used via that mod or yours, if u want to add them to yours and update them to what u want that's fine too... I made Mothra as a single download as an example of how to make 1 pet and add it to pet shops, and all pets available and she was special to me as I recolored her myself, whereas the other pets are just GPG monsters as pets... and yes Mothra is good with Adepts, revisions of the petshops still need made for Legendary I believe the mod is, I was gonna update them, with a patch fix of just the petsellers that the mod has but never got around to it.

Thanks. I was thinking it'd be nice to mix this one in with your custom pets! Mothra's special status shows to me. I haven't tried it out yet. I was thinking of revisiting custom pets and focus more attention on a few pets. What I could do is select what seems good and create a Dulac and Darkelf custom pet mod. In fact I'd be more than willing to take suggestions and even revisions. I cannot promise anything soon, since I haven't done any serious modding for awhile, lol. I can of course combine Mothra with your other pets. I don't need to take credit for that.

Edit: I've also been thinking we should collaborate on a pet mod to avoid incompatibility. It can be a back and forth of editing and adding new versions. When I'm ready to make new pets, I'll post a topic where we can discuss further (what pets to use, what's needed, etc.).