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Militaristic Dryads

Time for the next Broken World update. We now get a small insight into how the dryads were affected by the second endtime. We have been told that they are now more militaristic and I have personally been looking forward to familiarizing myself with this new version of the dryads.

This weeks update includes two artwork pictures and two screenshots all featuring some dryad armory and weaponry. Check out the ranger's eyes - me like. Gonna end my chatter now ^^

Watcher Armor
The harsh style and sharp edges of Dryad armor are an immediately visible reminder of how the Dryad race has changed since the second cataclysm. Foregoing the traditional shells and wood, Dryad smiths now make ornate, complex armor out of sturdy metals. No longer content to attack with arrows from a distance, the Dryads are ready to wade in to battle and face their foes directly.

Dryad Watcher armor is the highest quality armor the Dryads make. Warden Celia wears it because it is particularly imposing, and helps denote her rank. Its leaf-shaped decorations are deadly sharp, and its interlocked plates offer unmatched protection to agile adventurers.

Dryad Sword
The year of hardship following the second great cataclysm changed everything in Aranna. Some feel they will never recover from the disaster, and have given up hope. But the Dryads, like steel tempered in flame, have only become stronger.

Dryads used to fashion their weapons from wood, teeth, and other natural materials. Their new weapons reflect the changes in their attitudes and methods. Their swords are forged from sturdy metal and sharpened to a deadly edge. Their leaf-like shape pays homage to the Dryads’ woodland heritage, but none question their effectiveness.

Sounds like the dryads have really stepped up and mean to take care of business.

LoneKnight's picture

They look a lot more awesome now.


Yes they will probably be cool as well. Just one more month..


Sharkull's picture

Now I might actually try taking a Dryad as a hero... they look stronger in that concept art. Cool

Love the look of the sword too. Laughing out loud Hopefully it won't be something you find and use for ten minutes, then find something more effective... :P

Yeah, I'm thinkin' about a Dryad too.... Has anyone else wondered how they reproduce? I've NEVER seen a male Dryad... Do they have... Both organs... Or something?

It is something about a connection to trees. Maybe they spring from them like seeds? A bit farfetched I know..

Coming from the world of Dungeon Siege, it sounds about right. Wink

The Dryad watcher in the update uses both a bow and a sword. Someone should really make them into a multiclass when we get the expansion. Cause I know it is only wishful thinking wishing that GPG already offer them as a multiclass (as a surprise)..

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I'm not going to buy Broken World just yet. I will wait for fan reactions, reviews, price, and when I will actually want to play it. I'm far too busy modding the DS1 engine.

Dyrads multi classes will take over the planet! :roll: