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Need with Rare Modifiers Count (DungeonSiege2BW)

Hey there , noob here i've been working on some personal DS2 Mods and I had this idea to change how the modifiers and their quantity are generated mostly because every time I get a rare item it always feels like its garbage even if it is 10 itemlevel higher then a set piece. Now i've peeked around in DS2 Files and found this "pcontent.skrit" (//:world/contentdb/)
It containts the following :
if ( item_class$ == rare )
count$ = 4; // Rare Item: 4 modifiers (used to be 50% chance of 3 or 4)
// if ( chance$ <= 0.5 )
// {
// count$ = 3;
// }
// else
// {
// count$ = 4;
// }
// report.reportf( "pcontent", "Modifier Count - Rare Item # of Enchantments: [%d]\n", count$);

At first look it looks to be exactly what I need to modify to say for exemple make rare items spawn with 6 or 10 modifiers were the values changed but , I have tried simple changing the values after "count$ = x" and nothing seems to work , rare items will always come with either 3 or 4 modifiers.So I am quite confused as to why it doesent seems to work.Would very appreciate if someone with more knowledge could simple explain or just type down what I should be doing.

*I have tried using priority 65665 on my tank and nothing came of it too

Did you uncomment the lines of code, or leave the "//" in place? Comments don't get executed, so changing them will have no effect at all.