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DS2 Demo is available!

The demo is finally available for download.
The file is rather large but can be downloaded from both Fileplanet and 3D Gamers.

Get it here!

You can also get it from here: (links copied from GPG Garage)
Game Guru Mania
Computer Games (Romania)

Thats great news Sol!
/me gets in line
/me didn't realize that /me only works in irc....



If anyone is sporting some linux and tries to get dungeon siege 2 ( demo or retail when released ) working with cedega, I would really appreciate if they could share how things worked out for them as I'm no longer running any machines that have windows on them.

Aaron Andersen

Well thats your opinion and well its your opinion.

..and it's worth noting that the latest version of the DS2 demo is fully de-bugged - well done GPG!