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Mageworld 3.0 released

Xaa has released version 3.0 of his popular sieglet Mageworld for Dungeon siege 1.
Go here for instructions on getting it.

LoneKnight's picture

He sure cranked that out quickly. Anyone play it, yet?

yes, it runs very well..

It took exactly one hour to download ('s quite big!)

I just replaced the existing folders with the new ones, dumped the old save games and restarted..

Kilarin's MageWorld Journal did it's trick, and booted the game automatically.. amazing!

Been playing it for a few days.. Some nice changes courtesy of Mrs Xaa..This is my third attempt. Got within 8 squares of black King twice.. The second time (I had restarted because I had built my character wrong) had an OS melt down. Third time lucky I hope.. A great sieglet but not for everybody specially hack'n'slashers and the impatient.. Laughing out loud Cool

Templarian Arch Sorcerer's picture

It depends on how you would define impatient, I am willing to spend 3 hours making a charactor for NWN or D&D. Just how impatient are we talking about? :P

You've pretty much answered your own question PM me and we may be able to discuss it. I too am a Taurus but yet again "An old Bull".

I would be only too pleased to join with you in a MP game with novice chars and walk you through some of the finer points..

Let me know...

Cheers mate. Cool

LoneKnight's picture

Very very pleased to see that DS1 is still active, and what more, people are still enjoying it. Laughing out loud