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[RELEASE] Summoner's Will v1.1a WIP

!!!!!Work in Progress!!!!!

What this mod does:
Adds a new Level 1 Nature skill "Summoner's Will" that does two things
1) Increases duration timers of summons
2) Increases the max number of summons you may control

In the future:
Seperate the summoning parts of nature/combat mages and create a new Hybrid Summoner class with it's own skill trees and powers similar to that of what GPG did with Fist of Stone/BA's.

This mod is currently only compatible with Broken World. I have no plans at this time to offer backward compatibility to DS2. I want to get it working first. Feel free to give it a try and please report back anything you desire. Comments, suggestion, bug reports are preferrable.



*BUG* Mobs are no longer casting their own summons (as they won't have the new skill). This will be fixed in the next version, release date TBA.