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Broken World screenshots

Post your cool BW screenshots here.

I have now 200 screenshots of recipes, weapons, monsters, etc of BW in my image gallery at herena forge -
- Darkelf

This good looking site is so fresh... Wink

Nice shots KillerGremal. How are you enjoying BW?

sol77 wrote:
.... How are you enjoying BW?


First, no doubt there are some serious bugs that had to be fix by an official patch, like the 'Inn bug'.
For the moment you have to find temporary solutions, e.g. i have readt the inn member storage wouldn't be a problem if it empty when entering the addon, and so i did it too:

I have left orignial DS2 as level 39 veteran with 5 pets and all my material properties...
(All my gold and my items you know ;), the party members you can re-hire anyway in the addon.)

...and arrivied with like this in the addon - with working inn storage and no further savegame problems
(if there is any relationship at all). However, currently i only have hired Yoren, the new party member.


As another 'little' measure to enjoy the addon i have made an compatible version of the Hotfix mod, Aranna Legacy (sorry the page is in german, however the readme.txt and mod itself would be english).
Even though that mod doesn't contain notable bugfixes it others many features of the Hotfix mod - what want i more... Wink

And with some mods for visual tuning it makes quite fun playing the addon, at least for me.

Nice. I see you are using your pet mod aswell. Smile

Finally it's done! - Here the last (spoiling!?) impressions of the fight against the evil. Smile

Strider978's picture

Some suberb screenshots there, looks very nice.

..bring it on!!

- heh heh!! :woot:

..never mind the weather, just as long as we're together!

having sorted out the HD3850's monitor settings
and with the aid of Elys' amazing mod (- blessings upon you!!)
- I thought I'd share these screenies of Eirulan..

{left-click each image to expand to full size}

- the widescreen aspect really lends the place a magical air
- and the intricate mapping and geometry are beautifully rendered from distance

I'm envious. Smile
Do you have anti-aliasing turned on?