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rules for reagents

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Hi Guys, Do you know how I can make Rules for reagents.
The rules that I am planning on having has/have something to do with the level when you can use a Reagent for enchantment.

Like for Example: A Player would only be able to use Meteoric Alloy for enchanting weaponsonce he/she is on Elite Difficulty or atleast lvl 71.

The reason for such is that I am Working on a Mod that makes all reagents 1x1 in size and applicable on almost everything. (Finally a Ring with Lifesteal HAHAHAHAHHAHA!).

Also the idea for this mod is that in harder difficulties Enchantments aren't that capable on competing with Unique/Set Items so we have to depend on the Unique/Set Items.

So why do I want these Rules:
-if you can apply any reagent(everything is 1x1) on a good enchantable weapon, you can get alot of damage and the merc difficulty would be really easy and boring that you will be not that exited in the game anymore.
-Normally reagents have 3 levels for example in Lifesteal level 1 would be wolf's Jaw, level 2 would be Vampire Jaw, Level 3 would be Demon Jaw, so I would want the rules to be that on Merc difficulty players will be able to use only lvl 1 reagents, on Veteran lvl 1, and2 Reagents, and on Elite lvl 1,2 and,3 Reagents.

note: the reagents are already ready I only need the rules XD.

Hi Mark,
Welcome to Siege the Day. There are many people here that know about DS2 reagents, and I am sure they will be willing to help when they log in. might take some time being it is summer in the northern part of the world. I am not sure exactly how to answer your questions because my modding specialty is armor and weapons for both DS1 and DS2.

Take care and enjoy our humble little home.


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Guess I'll wait atleast my post had been seened, besides I have all the time in the world , mean while i'll just be here playing hahhaha

What you are after is definitely possible and there's a number of ways of tackling it.

The first thing I would try is to use the [world] block which states what world is this in? Normal, Veteran, Elite? You would place this block just under skill_types in the reagent's template. I don't know of anywhere that DS2 actually uses this [world] block in the pcontent system so it may not work.

you can define the item_level in rgt_reagents.gas found in the interactive folder. For instance rgt_pine_splinter has an item_level of 5, rgt_oak_branch has an item_level of 38 and rgt_ironwood_timber has an item_level of 65. Meaning that oak branches may drop at the very end of mercenary mode in DS2 but ironwood timber would definitely only appear in elite mode.

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the problem with item_level is if used with supershop anyone can still place/use the lvl 3 reagents intended for elite in merc.
and that is what i want to avoid.

i'll try to explore the [world] if there is anything i can do with it.

may be i should just add a moded shop.gas, so that supershop will not work hahahha Evil Evil Evil