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Win a copy of Broken World on Herena Forge!

The fine folks over on Herena Forge are giving out a free copy of Broken World to the winner of their contest. The contest:

Herena Forge wrote:
This will be a screen shot contest where the screen shot is modified or edited so that a Dungeon Siege Character is Added to a real photograph or a real item from a photograph is added to a DS or DS2 Screen shot.

Here are some tutorials to help you get going if you lack the know-how:

These are all for the Gimp but most image editors work under the same principles.

ps. We will be holding a contest as well in the near future.

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Everyone can still join the contest!

Here at this link is an example that I made today...

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Add an audience in the background, and stride for a more oblivious expression and you're set, fire. Laughing out loud

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in my blog post you can also see the original picture i used, as you can see there is not a lot of audience...

Maybe i'll redo a little of the picture, some parts can be done better...

My pictures are not part of the contest, I'm a herena forge administrator and helped creating the contest...

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The contest is closed, but everyone that is a member of the forge can vote for the people that joined in this topic. I suggest that everyone does so!

Yes everyone please go vote...... for me!!!!! Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud