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Switching domain registrar

We are switching registrar, the folks that handle the domain, so you should write down these addresses so you still can reach the site if anything goes wrong. I don't anticipate any problems but you never know.

The first one is prefered. I will start the switch tomorrow night around 8 or 9 pm gmt+1. The domain transfer will likely take some time to propagate.


Started the tranfer procedure.

It sure takes a while but the domain is released in a few hours and then we can get things running like they are supposed to.

There will be some more changes shortly down the road as well.

Hehe, I forgot to mention that the transfer has completed but that should be apparent by now. Smile

I have not noticed any difference in the last couple of weeks so I couldnt tell it was changing at all. 8O

You obviously blinked. Smile forwarded you to for a week or so.

Keke, maybe that is why I didnt notice as my bookmark goes to