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Hello everyone. I'm starting to get really bored waiting for DS2 (13 days left) and decided to make a map for DS1 seeing as how there aren't any new maps having been made for it recently. o_O

I know I'm pretty stupid for making a DS1 mod when DS2 is arriving so soon, but I really don't care, and I don't even know if I will mod for DS2 as all the pushbacks have made me lose interest. O_o

Either way, I'm making this mod for me and will release it because I'm cool like that. Wink I plan on making very little, if any, new content for this map, in which case it is not a mod but merely another world. :=P

I will try to keep you all posted on it's progress. Smile

PS: This map is for LOA only o.o

How's progress?

woohoo, someone shows interest! Laughing out loud

I'm still plotting the initial path through the island, almost done there, then gonna build the floor XD

I see nothing wrong with modding DS1, it will take a long while before DS2 has an as rich pile of mods to choose from that DS1 has right now. Still I think that DS2 will phase out DS1 in a few months. Questions is, will it be possible to convert anything from DS1 to DS2? I don't talk about an automatic process here just something like loading up an DS1 map in an editor, remove incompatible content and have half the job done just there. Some of the more artistic mods would be nice to convert as well. Most things I seen for the new game looks good but the elves stink, I really hate elves with donkey ears...

But those ears are cute. And they are really good for nibbling at. Laughing out loud

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Hmm Shocked, need any help???? I have a three mapper buddies who have nothing to do.....

Give me a post message if you want their help.

DS2 no longer gets the priveledge of gracing my harddrive with it's attitude, sorry for those of you who wanted Heros. DS1 just doesn't have the capabilities to do it. And DS2 has the ability, but lacks the access.

Back to DS1 forever and more.

..looking good, Shocked - is that new armor?

Blondin235 wrote:
..looking good, Shocked - is that new armor?

eh hehe, nope, but be sure to see some eventually.

Must be a Microsoft machine:

It took me THREE FREAKING DAYS to get this guy working right

Turns out it just needed a use_point. :roll:

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looks like someone needs a doctor...

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Must be a Microsoft machine:

No, it's a Dell. Laughing out loud

LoneKnight wrote:
No, it's a Dell. Laughing out loud

Laughing out loud
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How is the progress on your map going? Any news?

kathycf wrote:
How is the progress on your map going? Any news?
Right now? Nothing. I just got through surgery last week and now I have to go to dialysis three times a week, along with school work, and whatever else I can make excuses for. Wink

So I haven't worked on it at all lately.