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..any probloids?

..hey - the elfling had to remove the game from his PC..
- he went for a transporter,suddenly it started to screech and then hung up on him..
- no way back ..DS2BW - kaput!!

.. are there any known glitches in the gameplay?

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Well there is the inn bug but other than that I don't know of any.

The problem:
This might fix it though:

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Yeah... the Inn is the only big gameplay issue I know of (and AFAIK it only applies to converted parties).

Oddly enough I had a very similiar experience playing DS1 last night. Here I am, trying to unwind with a romp though Ehb and all of a sudden the game locks up and the computer makes this weird ,extremely loud humming noise. This is not the familiar "exception detected" error, but something completely new. Nothing worked to get out of it and the noise was awful. Had to manually shut off the computer and reboot and that's not good. Sad

I am going to try to play it in a window for only an hour at a time and see what happens.

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A loud humming noise from inside a computer would have to be a failing fan (the only moving parts, except for disk drives). A fan is cheap to replace, but when they fail the reduced air flow that can result will likely cause overheating within the computer... and many strange errors. Make sure none of your fans have failed by holding your hand near all the air vents of your PC case... if it's cool things are likely OK, but if warm (or your system starts crashing erratically) you might want someone "techy" to take a look.

When DS1 locks up, it's often in the middle of playing a sound, which can repeat infinitely. A very short sound clip repeated could become a buzz/hum/drone through the speaker. Fan noise is unlikely to happen at the same time as a game lockup, but it could be when you notice one that started making noise before.

Game lockups are often caused by skrit errors. I've caused enough to know that!

Fans making a lot of noise is nothing like as bad as when they stop making the noise, because that means they';ve siezed up completely and something's about to overheat!

The fans seem to be working properly and the computer is only a few months old, so I am not sure if that is the problem. I was using the toolkit one time when I got the SEH message thing. I am running some mods (of course Smile ) so maybe something is flukey.

It just caught my notice because Blondin described something similiar to what happened to me, but of course I was running DS1 at the time. Ah well....

..I don't suppose it automatically means there is a glitch in gameplay, it's most likely a hardware problem.. or maybe it's in his PC's settings somewhere..
..he was running it unmodded and without the DS2 v2.20 patch, as well - so it might just be that..

- I've had occasional glitches with DS1 in the past.. sometimes a fairy would go to give me a gift of health
- suddenly the game freezes and there's a continuous ringing noise, and a repeating animation..

- last time it happened was near the store in the wood just before Fortress Kroth..
- a restart usually puts it right, though - I guess to save often is the key..

- though, in the DS2 series, this means a "town" restart.. :roll: