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The Lord of the Ring...

This just in. Our favorite director has put on his gloves to get back at his critics!! The Lord of the Ring

Sharkull's picture

Sad that nobody KO'd him... :P

- well, if it's the only way he can defend himself.. Laughing out loud

- it's an outrageous publicity stunt, though..!!
- you gotta admire his nerve.. :roll:

LoneKnight's picture

Thanks for putting it up, man. Awesome, didn't think you would...

Yeah, I first noticed the link at the siege network news thing. Wow, was I surprised. Hope you all laughed as much as me.

all i have to say is Crazy :woot: Dance :popcorn: :yahoo: :tease: :chase:

Here's some more on it and the fight itself. Poor guys, and silly Uwe.

Lurker's picture

sure he can box but he still can't make movies

I said it before and I will say it again:

Poor Uwe Boll...poor, poor Uwe Boll. :P

The guy is two sandwiches short of a picnic. Laughing out loud

LoneKnight's picture

And yet...the DS movie is in his capable *cough* hands.

Unkown wrote:
It remains to be seen if DS can rise back from its ashes and dissociates from DS2 and GPG.