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New look

We have a new frontpage for the site. It isn't done yet but it is getting there. The forums have changed look as well. Right now we are using a default theme but that will change as soon as a new template has been finished. Also you can now post attachments on the forums.

Please try things out and let us know if you find any bugs.

We will likely move back to the old server on monday when I get back from a quick vacation.

If you normally don't use the frontpage go here and take a look.

Nice Cool

Sharkull's picture

Good to see that you're making progress... and enjoy the vacation Sol. Cool

Does anyone else think the female elven archer (in the new home page's header) looks a little... odd? Her forearms look a bit too beefy to me, and her jawline doesn't match up with her shoulders too well either (not saying that I could do better... :oops: ). I really like the town background part though (very fitting for a community site). Smile

That elf does look a little strange.. Way to go Sharkull, just ruin the moment. Laughing out loud
Ah, but I still like her. Smile

About attachments, I just remembered that my server uses safePHP so it won't work until we move back to the old server, or I find out how to bypass it. Sorry folks.

Edit: Here's the first complaint. Frontpage is messed up in IE...

She's very pretty - in an elfish sort of way! Laughing out loud

Nice look - clever stuff - well done!! :hypno:

She's wearing those forearm-armor pieces which add a lot of bulk...

Ok, I'm not entirely satisfied but atleast it looks ok now in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Haven't tried with Opera yet..