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Trials and tribulations

Sorry guys, we are simply being played by the darker winds of entropy. A hardware failure caused our site to go down. We will use for now.

We where also planning on merging with, but it felt better after some pondering to just keep trucking as

A new host is being set up for us so will work soon again. Right now it simply points to

Also this server uses safePHP so file attachments don't work right now.

Well, lutfisk for all!

8O Wow, that was spooky... we are becoming an internet gypsy caravan!!

I look forward to the final settled address, God Bless You for your efforts!!

Thanks Blondin.

Btw, did you get an email stating where could be found?

No, sol - no e-mail, I've just been keeping my eyes skinned for the return of STD...

,,the link you posted earlier at GPG/"Turning Tricks" appears to be broken.. there anything I can do?? 8O

Sharkull's picture

No email here either Sol... I had an old link to this url, and decided to try it when still didn't work when I came back into town tonight.

Nasty news on the continued site woes too... Sad hope things start to turn around soon. Laughing out loud It looks like quite a few posts were lost in transition... do you know how many days were lost?

Ha Ha!! You can run, you can hide...But I will find you..... Cool

What have we done to upset the forum Gods.......

Siegetheday will not go down... Laughing out loud

Sharkull, I think we lost 3 days worth of posts. Figures that it went down during my vacation. And just when xmen was gonna do his backup.

But the new server that Ecc is gonna move us to is the same that SN resides on so that should hopefully work well for us.

Artamos, we sure hope not. Smile

Heh, I didn't even realize that it had moved! I just thought that we were gone... Glad I was wrong. :P I just found the Siege-Mods website at and *that's* gone now. Wink But I'm just glad this site is still alive.

siegemods is at

all together, here we go round the mulberry bush, on a cold and frosty morning... Laughing out loud

Good to see ya JD - how's tricks? (...see you on the off topic..) Arrow