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«§§ØH»Ç®££¶£®«§§ØH»'s Website!!

I'm now known as «§§ØH»Ç®££¶£®«§§ØH»

I have a Website relating to many categories in DSLOA.

Check it out!

I have downloadable Characters and one of my MODs.
I will be adding to the current database of files constantly.

There is a simple Character Editing Tutorial on my site as well.


My Clan's Homepage is
I recommend that you take a look.

Cool, I notice there are some tutorials on editing, modding and the like(both on your site and one of the links I looked at. Some cool looking downloadable characters. Smile

Total absence of humor renders life impossible.

LOL. Yeh, I try to update the site at least every week or so.
I plan on having many more MODs, characters and probably maps.
Lately I've been experiencing problems with Siege Editor.

If I can't get it working properly, I'm afraid none of my maps will be available...

Anywho, if anyone wants their files hosted on my site, please feel free to send me a PM either on STD or my Clan's Forums -

Great webpage, i like it, but one thing i can see that needs changed.. the blue links on the fire background is hard to read.. the light green looks great on the fire background, just think the blue links need a new color... just being a critic.. otherwise nice website

LOL. Thanks for the feedback. Those aren't links, they are emphasized words meant to stand out from the others because they hold significant importance to the tutorial.

I'll find another color for them, thanks.

- The Creep