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Despular the Surgeon on Elite... impossible.

I just can't kill him. I manage to kill his crawlers 60% of the time, but even then, I can't get my powers to recharge fast enough to keep them at bay.

GrrMan: 91 Dual-wielder
Eva: 93 Dual-wielder
Lothar: 91 Two-hander
Deru: 91 Crossbowman
Taar: 91 Ice Mage/Healer
Finala: 91 Lightning Mage

Is this good enough, or not?

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Have you considered rebalancing a couple character's skill points (using the new BW NPC...) and trying different strategies?

Despular and his (bigger) brother have both level 99!

Due to the partially strange damage calcualation system in the ruleset of DS2 you will suffer a damage penalty due to the low char level compared to the enemy:
- if a char is more than 4 levels lower: -25% damage
- if a char is more than 6 levels lower: -50% damage
- if a char is more than 8 levels lower: -75% damage

So all your chars better be level 93 like Eva to cause at least 75% of the damage they normally have.
If there still is any weak char in your party then replace it once with a doneky, its power is very useful to stun many of these crawlers for a long time.


By the way I: This damage calculation also works the other way around for the case your char would char be over-leveled (this is even more doubtable specially for a 1-man-party and the related (quite fast) leveling speed).
By the way II: Delpulsar on elite - i actaully never have seen him like this but it seems to me level 99 is quite high, he should be a bit weaker/lower than his bigger brother, 1-2 levels less maybe ...!?

Yeah, I already reconfigured everyone. And, I guess I'll just level up some more.

Oh, and you know what really helps? Steal Magic. The Surgeon doesn't do any damage at all when he's afflicted. It's just the damn crawlers that do the damage.

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Another thing to try (untested on Elite...) is a combination of delay tactics. Gravity Stone, Provoke, and a couple other Powers have stun / distract capabilities. Don't necessarily concentrate on killing the crawlers, just keep them away from the big guy during the fight.

Thing is though, you're forced to concentrate on them. He can recharge his health via their presence alone on the battlefield. However, I've gotten my squad about a level or two higher, so I'll keep on training until everyone's 93.

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I thought the health recharge only worked when they got close to the big guy... :?

Hahahaha, its all good, I beat the game two minutes ago with my fighter at 65, Eva at 97, and everyone else at 94. Not bad. Problem is, now I'm just overstimulated from playing so long. Woo...

Sucks though, never completed my Undying Warlord set. Ah well.

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Smile One of my chars has the full set, he looks good in red....
I gave him 2 bloodletters for him to duel-wield, and they also match. ^_^

Want a copy of the party?

I don't see why not. What are the levels?

Uh... hello?

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Sorry about that. He is a level 100 warlord, and the other party members are custom pets.

No problem. And, well, hey, I'll give him a go.

I just jumped in for the first time in Vet mode - full party from DS2..

- this sounds like a real challenge at last..

- 'can't wait!! :woot:
..never mind the weather, just as long as we're together!

He is, take my word for it.