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Siegenetwork IP Address

I remember sometime there was a topic regarding SN closing down and stuff on the old site (Just before Gamespy screwed us over) and Sharkull was saying that he could get through to SN with SN's IP Address...Anybody remember what that IP is?

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You mean this?

This kind of thing is really quite easy when the site is up (and the DNSLookup is accurate).

Oi, but I need to be able to access it to do that, and I cant when Im at school.

Now I can use this IP to sneak onto the site in my free time. Tongue

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but I need to be able to access it to do that

If you mean you need access to SN, then no you don't. Just Google "DNSLookup" and use one of those sites to query the domain "" (this should work behind almost any NAT / firewall / proxy server / content filter setup too because this query is done at the Application layer of the TCP/IP stack).
Here's the one I used:
and the query results can be seen here:

The only hitch is that it gives the current IP address resolved by the DNS system, so if the DNS registration is screwed up (like when StheD was directed to GoDaddy...), then the result of the query is not likely what you're looking for.

OMFGz0r. I used that thing and it gave me an IP that redirected to a porno site. o.O Well I guess the registration was screwed up on this other site that they won't let me on. >.< (

Erm...It redirected to porno site when I first used it but the second time worked fine even though it was still blocked. O.o