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Siegetheday is being brought back. We really need a place to hang and since is still down I'm gonna host this site myself. I'm gonna use an old database so some news will be missing, but they are old news now anyway. Smile Unfortunatelly some posts and accounts will be missing as well.

The site is being hosted on a server that a friend has put me in charge of, but I'm gonna look into getting my own space for the site eventually as we grow. I will also try to keep ads away from the site.

I know lots of things needs to be improved but unfortunatelly I won't have very much time in the next week to work on this so you will have to be patient.

Ok, let's make this bird fly again.


Welcome back!


Sharkull's picture

Sweet! Welcome back Sol! :catch: :cloud9:

Best wishes on the site.

:pinkelephant: Beer Great you're back..... :cheerleader:

Thanks you guys.

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Nice to see Siege The Day rise from the ashes!

Hehe, phoenix.

:welcome: Beer

a portly welcome to the day of siege. heh.

now, will somebody tell elf to stop chasing GPG staff around plz. (see below)

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nice to see siege the day back...

That's a neat phenix sjr. I'm glad siegetheday is back up as well Dwarf

Opps that was me.

Good to have this back. :yahoo:

At last there is aplace again to talk about DS. Maybe some downloads wil be added to? I give you my support and if you need something that i might do for you just prommises because i have my work as well.

Anyway Welcome back !!!!!!!!!

My home away from sanity
and DS2 Tools are released
Hmm yup im buying me a lotto ticket tomorrow

Hey Sol,
**I was installing a soundcard tonight, and to check out that the line-in from the old Hi-Fi stereo was working properly,
I figured I’d record an LP into WMP10…and quite by accident, I rediscovered these two wonderful old songs..

“Hello Old Friend”
Paris' rooftops were lovely to see.
Switzerland's vertical landscape crossed my mind's eye just now.
Canada's shoreline has been calling out to me, but it's been too long a time
Since last I crossed that vast Nantucket sound,

hello old friend, welcome me home again. Well, I've been away but that's all over now.
Say I can stay for October, now, stay a while and play.

Little dog David, I must look like a fool.
I should've remembered you'd be forgetting my smell, well.
Give me a week or two to recapture my cool, I've got stories to tell
about how I snatched the devil's catch and out ran the hounds of hell.

Hello old friend, welcome me home again. Well, I've been away but that's all over now.
Say I can stay for October, now, stay a while and see.

Hello old friend, welcome me home again. Well, I've been away but that's all over now.
Isn’t it nice to be home again, over here it’s clear. Hello, old friend.
:cloud9: aaah, but isn’t that just lovely?
It fair brings a tear the eye, so it does - to be sure!

They’re both on James Taylor’s 1974 album “Walking Man”
..and oddly enough, the very next track on the album, was this song called -

Distant hands in foreign lands are turning hidden wheels,
causing things to come about which no one seems to feel.
All invisible from where we stand, the connections come to pass
and though too strange to comprehend, they affect us nonetheless, yes.

Once again a time of change, oh, the change makes music and the children will dance.

See the pieces of the picture rearrange themselves.
It feels just like a symphony to me, with nothing left to chance.
Just look over your shoulder, it's out of you hands it's over for now.
Leave behind what you can, you can always return.

The rhythm remains unbroken, unspoken but loud and clear,
it's a slow vibration, migration.

Mystery muse, how I hunger for an answer, unsung song, how I long to play the changes.
Hidden rhythm, haven't I always been your dancer?
Sacred secrets of the meaning to my dreaming, migration.
:wink:..could almost have been written specially for the occasion, eh!

Welcome back to one and all, and more power to your elbow, sire! Beer

Wooowie! I don't know if it's me or the ale, sjr - but your Pheonix is making me and my mouse slide all over the place, hic! :tease:

** this rig set-up delivers crystal clear 100 watt sound through an old 1980's separates-style Hi-Fi system-
you have complete control over the output - it's all about cables and connections - you should hear it with the
WOW enhancement on, it's really booming! - if you want to know how its done, just ask via the off-topic forum
and I'll give you the low-down...