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A prank

I doubt I have to point out that Strumpets test donuts was an April fool's prank. ^^

Some liked it some didn't, and some wanted to square dance on my feet.

The reason it started early was because of timezones..

Now for some real news. Things are actually happening behind the curtains and I think those changes will be well received once it is time. I just need to find my muse first for the second theme that this site will be using.

i really like the prank website design it was cool... i just wish i could siege one of those darn donuts, every time i came here and saw them they made me hungry for a good ole donut.

oddly enough, posting it early made it more believable

Templarian Arch Sorcerer's picture

I actually panicked for a few seconds before I realized that it was April 1, good prank. ^_^

My computer almost died on me last week so I haven't been able to work on those site updates.. Also all the schoolwork suddenly piled up on me.. It will be a while longer, but please bear with me.

Sharkull's picture

...please bear with me.

OK, I don't know why you asked for this but I hope it helps:
(a bear for you)



Don't you know that bearing is even better than spooning! Insane

Lurker's picture

You mean there wasn't going to be donuts?!?

mmmmmmm, pie....
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