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Noticed a problem with Windows 10

This is not an issue unless you like to upload screen shots to the site.

Windows 10 does not recognize bit map images created by DS1 or DSLoA. So you can not open them with an image editor. Windows Paint does recognize bit map images created by itself and other drawing and image editing programs however. Does anyone know what the differences are between the bit map images created by DS1 and DSLoA and the newer programs? Is it an age related thing, like the bmp format used by DS and DSLoA is just to many revisions down? Is there a fix, like maybe editing the game to save screen shots as JPG or PNG?

Happy I still have a working windows 7 machine Smile


You could save it in the editor as a bmp unless it doesn't open in it? I think that would work. I'm guessing the header has changed. JPG and PNG will compress the file, so it's better to have it in a raw format. Sadly, I have to trouble shoot DSII with windows 10 to get the cursor to show in game, so I haven't been messing with it or DSI.


Is .asp viewer open-source? We probably need new tools, but not many devs left in the community. I could probably translate the code to .net to work on all platforms if we have the source code.

Edit again:

Found this person reverse-engineering DS1 file formats. I think it's very helpful information for anyone willing to build tools.

With raw files we just have to change the header it looks like.

Perhaps a viewer could be built with this as a basis:

First I checked an image from my Documents\Dungeon Siege\Screen Shots folder (where I have a collection, captured when I was on Windows 7, that I wouldn't like Windows 10 to lose for me), and it was recognised. Then I realised I'd converted all of them back then to .jpg so went and took a brand new screen shot, Dungeon Siege LOA this time, and that is recognised too. No problems, either displaying or opening for edit (Photo, Paint 3D or, digging deeper, good old Paint).

Except for my general problem with Windows 10 and images (not just from DS), which is a reluctance to get started. First time (in a session) I click one, Windows 10 starts up Photo which sits there with a black screen, as if after the effort of getting that far it has forgotten what image it was supposed to be displaying. Or maybe it just takes a ver..y l...o...n........g time, more than I've patience for. My usual cure is to cancel and go round again, when it works fine.

Opps, I thought you were talking about textures rather than screenshots. Try using Gimp and save them as a jpeg. They should be compressed for a website.