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Spear and lance for melee

Hello friends! There's a mod with spear/lance with melee?

If I recall correctly there are mods with Melee Spears/lances, but I do not remember if they are DS1 or DS2. Check the download areas.

To change one weapon into another use attack class. Example:

		attack_class = ac_axe;

Making a mod that uses spears/lances properly is going to be mainly an issue of getting the animations right. A pole arm is going to share Fighting Stance with staves (FS5) which is also used by the hoe, broom etc. - i.e. anything with a long handle.

These have to be created, added to the character templates that will use them, and hooked up to the weapons and action by the usual mix of templates and skrit.

Pole arms have an additional complication in that there are two distinct categories, ones that only thrust (lances, spears) and those that also have a slash/bash action (halberds, longhammers, pikes). A scythe would add yet another limited set of animations. That's why they usually don't appear in games, as it's too much work.

Because DS already has the staff used, the animation selection skrit would get rather complex. Because the current special cases, like hoe, only have a single animation, they can be filtered out relatively easily, but having choices of two-handed pole arms in combat is harder.

If you find a mod, there's a good chance it won't have done all that, and you'll get just a bladed staff, with the same old animations looking a bit silly. There was one mod that just added whip effects to the ends of the staves to create a sort of staves plus, but I don't recall a GOOD spear mod.