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Beer for Dogs?

I was watching television last night and saw an advertisement from a company in Texas that makes beer for dogs. It is called Good Boy Dog Beer it comes in four flavors. IPA Lot in the Yard, Mailman Malt Licker, Session Squirrel, and Crotch Sniffin’ Ale. Made with ingredients such as pork, chicken, vegetables, and herbs, they are, of course, non-alcoholic. They started making dog beer when they noticed dogs in their brew pub looking depressed while their owners were drinking beer and eating. First they tried healthy dog treats, but it was not until they made the Dog Beer that they actually saw the dogs smiling.




Woof? Woof bark! Woof mailman!! Woof Woof Bark Smile

Um, Crotch Sniffin' Ale? Really? I wouldn't give that to a dog just because of the name.


True I would not let a dog drink the Ale too. Would not want them getting the idea that sniffing there is accepted behavior when meeting a human. A good friend said to me, why is there only Good Boy Beer, there should also be Good Girl Beer for the female dogs. Is she planning to start a "ME WOOF MOVEMENT" or maybe a "unisex fire hydrant". But her dog has an 800 square foot grass covered restroom. Human's call it a yard I think.


Split the difference between good girl and good boy and just name it "Good Dog Beer". Smile