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I'll start this off with a simple question to ask you about the Dungeon Siege 2 game.
What is the highest level piece of armour on the tutorial beach that you've ever found, now that wasn't an hard one was it, feel free to chip in with your own questions after you've answered mine first of course.

With or without the legendary mod / Monsterleveladjust ?

I have a question, but don't manage to post it anywere else... :

"Does the Archons really exist in DS1 and/or DS2 assets ? and if ever, can someone post a screenshot ?"

Normal DS2 game with no armor mods, the highest ever armor that was dropped on the Greilyn Beach level was 11 armor and 4 health, that just beats the armor in that hidden chest on that level me thinks.

I've never had Archon's Grip drop for me so I'm unable to verify that question and, I didn't know that they could possibly be in DS1 either, hmmmm, there's lots of things I don't know about these 2 games.
Are you saying that you've never come across them either?, it has an item_level = 60.0; so that's Veteran level, and I've reached the Elite level quite a few times so I would have expected them to turn up at least once, there's probably hundreds of items I haven't come across before so its not that big of a deal........ or is it?.

Gemeaux333 wrote:
"Does the Archons really exist in DS1 and/or DS2 assets ? and if ever, can someone post a screenshot ?"

Moros wrote:
I've never had Archon's Grip drop for me ... it has an item_level = 60.0

Read the question! Where is the template giving the item level? What about icon and texture?

(Or is it merely a case of item level allegedly = 60, according to literature?)

As an aside, what are we talking about (I don't remember the reference) - a single item, or a set? Or is the question about the person or group it supposedly came from?

Archon's Grip is a cestus as you well know, so you'll find all the relevant information for it further down.
I'll repeat my question again. What is the highest level piece of armour on the DS2 tutorial beach that you've ever found, any piece of armor will do with or without armor mods its your choice, if you are using a mod that changes any armor though "please name the mod".
11 armor and 4 health is at the top of the Leaderboard for now.

Archon's Grip Weapon Template
DS2 Logic\world\contentdb\templates\interactive\wpn_cestus

DS2 Art\bitmaps\weapons\cestus\b_w_ces_002

Inventory Icon
DS2 Art\bitmaps\gui\in_game\inventory\weapons\cestus\b_gui_ig_i_w_ces_002

If you need to know anything else about it just follow the breadcrumb trail in the weapons template.

I knew about the Archon's Grip, that's probably one of the elements that made their way to Dungeon Siege 3... but my question was more : "Was there a monster/npc in Dungeon Siege 1 or 2 that was called Archon and can only be found in game's files ?"

In the prologue, I never looted anything better than "mundane"...

As far as I know the Archons were not in DS1 or 2.

"One of the nine chief magistrates of ancient Athens", according to my dictionary.

Of course, ancient Athens is not in DS2 or DS1, but I'd imagine GPG borrowed the name as a title of rank or office. I notice two other cestus types are called "Druid's Companions" and "Ancestor's Hands". ("Druid" is in the class lookup table.)