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Farmboys and Farmgirls Wanted for Dangerous Work: Apply Inside.

Hi Siegers!

I’m currently running a D&D game on, and in 2 or 3 weeks I’m planning on starting a mini-campaign based on Chapter 1 of Dungeonsiege I. I’ve put together some modified rules to help replicate the DS “experience” within a D&D format (for instance, D&D priests are revised to be like DS nature mages; D&D fighters are split into a warrior class and a marksman class; races such as half-giants, travelers, and dryads are available, etc.)

It's not really possible for a small group of low-level poorly-equipped D&D characters (or a lone farmer!) to survive a crossing of monster-infested countryside, so I’m looking for two more players to strengthen our current small group. I figured I’d give fellow DS fans the first crack!

Our game does not use video. Audio is through the Discord service. Both Roll20 and Discord accounts are free. Lately we’ve been playing short games on Sundays, starting between 4 and 6 PM EDT (US), but this might be flexible. All of us are pretty much newbies at Roll20, so fellow newbies are welcome.

If you have any general questions you can ask me here. Or if you’re interested, leave me a private message. Mighty Klandank, Lord of the Krug, has prepared a hearty welcome for fresh adventurers!