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Catalog of terrain nodes and GOs? (DS1)

Is there any way to preview DS1 terrain nodes and game objects, on their own? I'm designing a map and I find myself slogging through a vast number of terrain nodes to find just the right one I need. The naming helps a bit, to a point, but it's still a matter of trial and error, selecting a target node, rotating it, fiddling with it, etc. to figure out if it will work as I intend.

A viewer, preferably one that can rotate nodes in the same way that they can be rotated in SE, would be a huge time saver.

A static list of terrain nodes (i.e., images) would be a second choice, less useful but still better than nothing.

Have you tried visual node placement at all? It’s not entirely what you’re looking for, but it allows you to at least see the node before you place it. It’s an option in the editor, and is typically used with prefab terrain. Again, it’s not entirely what you want because it’s not standalone, but it certainly helps if you want to at least see what the node and it’s doors look like before you place it.