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Display terrain node name/filename in Siege Editor?

In Siege Editor, is there a way to display/discover the name (filename?) of a selected terrain node? For example, t_xxx_path_04x04-a.sno. In my own maps I can achieve this by selecting a terrain node and then Node > Properties shows the SNO Filename, but in the CGM map it's all blank.

I'm studying the CGM Tutorial map (the one with 8 regions), and it seems it could be immensely instructive in learning about terrain node placement (what node works well beside other nodes, how a particular terrain effect was accomplished, etc.) but only if I can figure what nodes are used. Otherwise, they're all nameless nodes that provide no learning opportunity.

It would be nice if the node name or object name would be displayed in the status bar, but I think a mod to the GUI is not in the cards.

There's not the same problem with other game objects (e.g., actors, treasure, etc.) Pertinent object information (SCID, GOID, name, screen name) is displayed on screen, sufficient to pinpoint which object it is in the vast multitude of the object navigator (tree).

BTW, I posted another topic in forum "DS1 & LoA Mod Development" when I should have posted here instead. Please check it out if you care to comment.