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Talking To Yourself in DS

Update on the Sword

In the quest to make a talking sword.

Objects can be made into triggers.
And conversations can be triggered by world messages.
we req activate and equip and so on.

But this requires the conversation file to be loaded
from an object nearby on the map.
You couldn't leave the area and still talk to the sword.

But I found a game object that is always present
everywhere the player goes.
The player itself.
Hero templates are branched from the same templates as
farmgirl and farmboy and an hirable and NPC.

So what if the chosen hero objects contained a conversation?
Turns out they can.
Using Team Lazarus's auto_convo.skrit
and some Frankenstein objects.

Being that player's game object is always present.
I can turn it into the source conversation file for a sword.

But how do you talk to inventory items?
At first I used map triggers.
But then started creating Frankenstein objects.
And was able to make a right+clickable object that auto triggers a
conversation. I tried this on a sword and the sword, too,
can have a conversation, either by equipping or
by right+click in the inventory.

In this case right+clicking the sword
(which can still be equipped and kick ass)
will trigger a conversation with oneself.
From there it is a matter of changing
the portraits for whatever object
you are pretending to talk to .

A talking sword that is really great. I spend so much time talking to myself a talking weapon or talking armor would be cool.
For Talking armor their could be comments like "Don't sit there you will get me muddy" or "OMG that whine stain will never come out!"

That's an interesting and fun idea ChickenGeorge. A little offbeat, very nice. Sometimes in movies or TV, people don't wipe blood off of their swords, which really irritates me. So if *I* find it irritating, I can only assume that would make a sword downright angry.


I've managed to roughly recreate the original in DS (Lazarus).
Ultima VII's Black Sword had 4 powers.
Could kill any monster if requested.
Can restore magic points to full.
Can teleport to the scary castle.
And produce a blaze of fire at enemies.

I've done all this with an interface instead of talking to the sword.
There still is a talking version players will experiment with.
Presently am halfway through a whole expansion pack for DS Ultima V Lazarus.
I'm bringing the Forge of Virtue to Laz.

Well, the original version (in Ultima VII) would only grant you one of the powers if you fed the sword.
And this is implemented into the interface as well.
You need to fed this sword in order to use it's powers.

Here is a screenie: