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Legendary Mod - Items Translation

Dear DS2 fellows,

I recently tested the Legendary Mod for my Dungeon Siege Installation. What a wonderful piece of work! Excellent! Smile

My Game is German and I noticed that in the mod there are some english items (the dialogues are also english, but I don't care that much.

So I wanted to ask if there is a language setup I missed, or if I somehow can translate the english items by myself to German?

Thanks for any hints Smile

I'm glad you're enjoying the mod and I can help you in your request. Unfortunately there's no language setup for the mod as language support was a late inclusion and never implemented properly.

If you are willing to convert the items yourself, I have prepared a mod to try to make it as easy as possible for you. If you download the following mod and place it into your resources folder, you should find that all armor stores now display most armors in German (done through an on-line translator so you may prefer to re-translate them all anyway). The map names and descriptions have also been translated.!R0cUwIAY!cz7aOaXlPW0Eb5B5TKOz9p3n2wHwFAmfGENW8kgNu-4

To continue translating the items, extract the contents of the mod with Tankviewer. There will be a language folder containing about 17 gas files. Each file corresponds to a group of similar content spread throughout the mod rather than having everything in one huge messy file, like how GPG did their translations. For your items you will need to open ds1-logic_interactive-ge.gas, which represents everything contained in the interactive folder in DS1_Mod_Logic_v1.01.ds2res. You will see number code blocks with a from = and a to =. The first entry is from = "Wreath Shield"; and to = "KranzSchild"; Go down to the first empty line at 0x00f8, place the word or line you want translated in from and the translated word underneath it.

If you open DS1_Mod_Logic_v1.01.ds2res and find the \world\contentdb\templates\interactive folder, everything from amr_shield_ds1.gas to trs_stone_ds1.gas has been translated. The next name to be translated is Altan's Leather from unique_ds1_amr_bdy_altan.gas. Then continue down the files to wpn_dsx_swords.gas at the very end. Once translated, use Tankcreator to pack the files back into mod and you should see the results in the game.

If you would like to share your mod with others, you will be credited with the translation and if you would like to continue translating other parts of the mod, that would be great - all the blank files are there ready.

Thank you for the detailed answer and help on this! Looks like it's taking me more time for this than expected. I hope I can manage to do this rather than just playing on and on in this great mod. Smile