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DS1 Legendary Mod - French Translation

Here's a French translation template mod similar to the German one I posted a week ago for SeriousToni. This is primarily for Gemeaux333 but may be useful for anyone else who may be interested in translating the Legendary Mod into different languages. I'm sorry it taken this long to get this prepared for you.!pt1DECpR!YXL18MYFtW00CkmI0SujyhNJoVi6uC5gWd1C_YDPvXc

Like the German translation it's broken up into different gas files corresponding to different folders and files in the Legendary Mod. Like the German translation all items in the interactive folder in DS1_Logic.ds2res have been translated using Goggle's on-line translator up to trs_stone_ds1.gas. If you load the mod and visit any armor store, all armors should be translated into French now.

For demonstration purposes, I've also partially translated some other files as well. For instance all ambient creatures in the ambient folder under the actors folder in DS1_Logic.ds2res have been translated. Some conversations from Dialbloish have been translated as well as the items from lorebook.gas from Legends of Aranna's map, etc.

Any questions you can use this thread rather than the general DS1 Legendary Mod Thread to ask them so things will be less cluttered and easier to find.

What about a zip version of this mod, as it would be easier to modify it ?

Gemeaux333 wrote:

What about a zip version of this mod, as it would be easier to modify it ?

I sent you a link by email with a zip version. Keep in mind that for testing your changes you will need to create the mod by using Tank Creator. You will also need to extract the files from the various Legendary Mod modules in order to find the text to translate.

It's not realistic for me to provide all the English text in the language mod ready for translation as such an undertaking would take ages and be a very tedious process, though I suppose I could collect all the relevant files and organise them to make the translation process easier for you. Let me know how you would like to proceed.

Well, as I don't have the touch with ds1 or ds2 modding tools, I will have to rely on someone else for providing the text we are most likely to find in a playthrough and translate them, as well as retanking the files...

Perhaps killergremal could help in this matter...

Here is the updated version with the translations I just made, just need to add the french dubs/voices for now :

@Iryan: Indeed, doing this manually will not be a maintainable approach i think.
There may be only ~20(?) typical/identifiable places though where expressions to translate can exist inside the game content, nonetheless across all game resources (incl. all maps) too much to copy+paste it manually into a file to translate then.
So any tool would be required to extract all the expressions automatically. Also auto-untanking the existing mods would be nice and of course a cross-check with exisiting translations mods (not to translate thins 2x) too.
Unfortunately I can not provide such a tool, and most things I have tried out 4 years ago don't seem to work as intended anymore... Sad

@Gemeaux333: You actually could create a translation mod yourself !?
If you like to try it out, download (2mb).
There is the TankCreator inside and a batch/command file called 'RTC.MakeMod.translation-french.bat' to double-click/produce the mod with the content found in the 'translation-french' folder (which already contains the content from your file).

The content of '' is virus-checked though, but there were reports that some releases of the TankCreator do not work in newer Windows... :o:

And I just have seen, the files from March/April 2015 are still online:
- (509kb)
- DS1_Map_World_Beta31p_FrenchAuxGoogle.ds2res (3.4mb)
- DS1_Map_World_Beta31p_ConvAdded.html (296kb)
- DS1_Map_World_Beta31p_ConvTuned.ds2res (306kb)
This may be obsolte, but perhaps portions of it still may serve as (technical) reference.

Well, I did this all this teddious translation work inside the mod files in the first place, but look like it wasn't viable on the long haul...

Maybe I could try, but perhaps I should wait Iryan to add the sound files first in order to not make redundance, although I can still test what I have done this far...

UPDATE : I manage to repack the mod this way, it allowed me to make a few changes after my discoveries, and updated the file I linked :
-Campaigns descriptions and interactive object doesn't accept characters like äàâéèêëùûüôöîï ...

Gemeaux333 wrote:
. . .

UPDATE : I manage to repack the mod this way, it allowed me to make a few changes after my discoveries, and updated the file I linked :

-Campaigns descriptions and interactive object doesn't accept characters like äàâéèêëùûüôöîï ...

A lot of special letters/characters are support, but you need to ensure that your gas/text file is saved/encoded in 'UTF8' format.

To recheck this, open once your gas file in the Windows Notepad (as primitive it is). Directly try to save this file, so select then 'Save as' from the 'File' menu (may look different for your installed Windows language of course).
In the window that appears there will be some information about the encoding - often this encoding is 'ANSI' (even in a non-english OS this should be/look like this), change it to 'UTF8', save then (and check/restore the *.gas file extension if needed).

Actually you could save a language gas file as an ANSI text file as well, but then it should not contain special characters, or you add the UFT8 encoding of special characters manually.

- Actually you should save the language gas file as an ANSI text file, however with the UTF8 code of your special characters (é, î, ö, ...). There may be one or the other handicap to procude such a file from scratch, most easiest thing is to take one file out of the language.ds2res tank and replace its content - carry yourself/manually about the UTF8 encoded characters should not be required then with an halfway advanced editor.
- You should not really trust Notepad, although the indication of 'ANSI' seems to be quite reliable. But if it indicates 'UFT8' it can mean two things: There can be UTF8-encoded characters inside the ANSI text file or the entire file is UTF8-encoded (so carring an UTF8 file header). , and it's not clear wether or not all localized game distribuitions can deal with the a text file with an UTF8 header.

putting the files in UTF8 only move the interface of the game to english...

strangely there are no problems with these characters when it comes to the french translator Iryan have integrated into the legendary mod...

I have the french textures for the signs indeed, only some of them are still in english :
-path to crypts sign
-Blackhammer forge sign
-Etan's roost Inn sign
-Jack and the mare sign
-Wesrin cross
-Lucky Hurggis Inn sign
-Onoc's magicatorium sign
-Molten iron smithery sign
-the frozen yak corral sign
-jeriah's trading post sign
-fortress kroth signs
-castle ehb signs
-arhok cold storage sign
-death mountain beware sign

I thing the reason is the names of the files doesn't exactly match...

You can look here: and here: Anywhere you see "wstring" the proper wide strings will be supported.