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Increase Attribute Potions


Increase Attribute Potions
for LOA & KOE
by ChickenGeorge

What is this?
Potions that will increase a stat.
Combat Magic,
Nature Magic,
Transfer half of one skill to another...
(So that you can develop your characters with multiple skills)

Where do I find them?
There is a traveling merchant
found all across the land,
that will sell you these potions.

How do I install?
For KOE: Place the CG_DS_LOA_Stat_Potions.dsres file
into your C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege\Resources folder.

For LOA: Place the CG_DS_LOA_Stat_Potions.dsres file
into your C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege\DSLOA folder.
Some machines use the C:\Program Files (x86)\ file path

How do I uninstall the mod:
Remove that file from those locations.

Do I have to start a new game?
No. Maybe. I do not know too much about the Dungeon Siege engine.
From what I can see you do not.

Does it Interfere with Other Mods?
I haven't played KOE or LOA enough to know this.
The only files altered are the Map files for each region the
traveling merchant is found selling the potions.

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When I released a similar mod for Lazarus,
some people wanted to know more about how I did it.
The process for Dungeon Siege is much simpler.
And like most of my workarounds,
came upon it by accident.

I was researching how to make one of my mods for Lazarus
capable of draining the Mana completely from foes.
Which is an altercation.
So I invariably found a list of all possible altercations.
Here I noticed a patter I was never able to truly
examine with Lazarus (since they do things so different),
the enchantment block.

I went on to take a look at the pcontent file,
and found several examples of enchantments,
and knowing that Dungeon Siege potions use
enchantments to heal and restore,

				alteration          = alter_life;
				value               = 200;
				max_value           = 200;
				//description         = "healing potion";

				duration            = 0;
				frequency           = 0;

				is_value_limited    = true;
				is_enhancement      = true;
				is_permanent        = true;
				is_transmissible    = false;
				is_single_instance  = false;
				is_active           = false;
				effect_script_equip = health_potion_small;

wondered if they could be applied to the potions.
At first no.

Looking a the Magic block I came upon a solution.
A spell that is cast on the self must have the target type
So what if these were set in the potions?
And bingo.

	magic:target_type_flags = tt_self;
	magic:usage_context_flags = uc_passive;

So you could turn a regular potion into an enchantment potion with this code:

	target_type_flags = tt_self;
	usage_context_flags = uc_passive;
				alteration          = ALTER_INTELLIGENCE;
   				value = 1;
   				//multiply_value = true;
   				duration = #infinite;
   				is_permanent = true;
   				is_single_instance = false;
				effect_script_equip = rejuv_potion_small;

In the game the UI shows the altercations as enhancements or liabilities.
Red or Blue.
But seem to be permanent.
I plan to make an inventory UI that shows more attributes in the future.

"Have fun storming the Castle!"