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Classic Arana Mod

Hello. I'm from Russia. Sorry for my bad english.
This topic is dedicated to my mod. It is 50% complete. I need your opinion, suggestions, wishes. I will not refuse volunteers to test the mod. I must say right away that I do mod only in English to reach the largest audience.
The main idea of ​​the mod: do not touch the plot and locations, but change the gameplay.
I will write what I plan, and in brackets I will indicate what has been done and what has not.
1) Regeneration of health and mana is now not once every 2 seconds, but every 0.1 seconds (Done).
 2) Monsters also have health regeneration (partially done, because not all monsters are completed).
3) Strengthening monsters that were useless (Morden Urgi, sceen in Act 3, etc.). Some monsters will be weakened, for example, Taklaki and Skeletons in 1 act. Fixed a bug with Skeleton Archer level 45. Added new abilities and spells (partially done).
4) Different parameters of armor for monsters of the same level (Partially done).
Also for monsters, I wrote a function that makes health random from 75% of 125%. A trifle, but nice.
5) New abilities of monsters. Morden crossbowmen, when hit with a certain probability (Depends on the current level of difficulty), additionally fire a fire bolt. Haku shamans hang a debuff that lowers resistance to lightning (depending on the caster's parameter) and lowers mana regeneration. The haku usurper has the main spell nova (20 clots of lightning fly evenly in all directions), calls three haku every 18 seconds, knows how to resurrect. Ghosts fly out of the Plague monsters at death. At the same time, the old spells are fixed: now they do not die from curses so quickly, the effects are not fixed and depend on the level of the casting monster, and Embers monster spells now do damage as needed (previously, out of three shots, there was only one damage). (Partially done).
All monsters are made for Act 1 and partly for the rest (applies to those caught in Act 1)
6) With an increase in the level of difficulty, monsters are strengthened not only in the parameters hp / damage / health. The speed of movement, attack, witchcraft increases, some abilities begin to act more often and more. (partially done, related to paragraph 5)
7) The main bosses are reinforced. But not so that they kill with 1-2 blows. You can dodge all attacks. (Partially done)
Cool Full processing of all classes. General: all skills at level 30 give unique ability. For example, Fortitude provides + 1% health regeneration for every percentage of health lost. If the character has 99% health, then 1% is given, if 50%, then 50% is given, if 20%, then an 80% bonus is given.
Skills are reworked, some give a new effect. At the moment, the Fighter and Combat mage are completely made. I begin to proceed to Strelok. (2 classes made of 6)
9) New reagents. In the game, it saddened me that there was nowhere to really give money. Now the coolest items can be crafted. New effects, new reagents, while loot from enemies is reconfigured so that most reagents drop out. At the same time, added and unique reagents combining several or unique properties. The economy of the game is now sharpened by craft. Unique items are removed from the game, so without crafting you will not pass the game. (Blue reagents made 100%, unique made 20%)
10) Items and shops are configured so that items for crafting are available from the first level and they are sold in abundance. (Partially done).
11) New spells and effects for characters. The fighter has 10 unique buffs. Combat mages have their own buffs and debuffs (about 20).
12) All races initially have 10 strength, agility and intelligence and 2 bonus skill points. Also from the changes: Resistance to physical damage is now equal to - (level * 0.75), that is, at level 100 the resistance to physical damage will be -75%. To magic damage - (level * 1.5), that is, at level 100, magic resistance will be -150%. This is done so that it is not so easy to achieve maximum resistance. And secondly, the values ​​of resistance in skills can be greatly increased, plus resistance will also be given for some skills. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m proceeding. Now for the races:
Human: + 10% find magical things, + 5% experience gained, +1 strength, agility and intelligence for every 3 levels.
Elf: + 10% mana regeneration, + 10% attack and witchcraft speed, +1 intelligence per level.
Dryad: + 10% resistance to death, + 10% dodge attack, +1 agility per level.
Half-giant: + 10% health regeneration, +2 health per strength, +1 strength per level.
Gnome: + 20% gold found, + 5% physical damage resistance, +1 armor per level.

Thus, I pursue several goals: to increase complexity on Veteran and Elite, as well as in addition (After the Horns of Zaramot there is just an Easy walk), to improve bossfights, as well as the battle with unique monsters. Improve the economy of the game, because by the end of the first act there is really nothing to spend money on. Make the hero leveling interest in later levels.