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Legendary Mod

I am wondering if this is still being worked on. i was able to get some extra mods working that were not included in the initial mod; mainly skill piont resets and character rename. however, I am trying to find a mod that will work with this mod which will allow me to gain extra skill points. The included level adjustment mod does not take into account skill points when scaling, which makes it hard to beat bosses, specifically end bosses who normally would be like level 70. I got to gom at level 35 and that's when I noticed that due to there being a lack of spells etc and a lot of things being tied to skill points (1 per level) it's next to impossible to beat this guy at level 35 (not enough weapon crit, not enough casting speed, not enough freeze/stun chance causing him to just instantly regen to full health pummelling on him. I was able to beat his first form..but not final. ) I got the brilliant idea to just skip to the LOA and come back later (which works, it saves your DS1 file exactly where you left off, you import your levelled character and go back)..

Another mod I would like to see is some additional commands for party members?

Anyway, I would like to try and push for this project to be revived. All it really needs is some existing mods added to it (some of which appear to be non functional with the legendary mod do to targetted directories seemingly).

let's work together to fix this mod and make it better.