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Dungeon Siege looks to have been added to

It is DS III with I and II bundled in, but neither the LoA nor the BW expansions.

Pointless, just as the steam versions !

Although I have it on CD and on Steam, we perhaps should appreciate to find Dungeon Siege on GOG now as well.

We always knwe that DS1+DS2 are good (old) games, so why they were not where earlier!? Wink

Now someone just had to explain them that adding the addons would make that offer even more attractive...

Are they going to be less mod unfriendly than the steam version ?

I was browsing the GOG weekend sales and saw they added Dungeon Siege. Nice to see that, although I just don't understand why they don't include the expansions for DS1 and DSII. I mean, they include both Dungeon Siege III and Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun. Were people actually asking for those two titles? *shrug*