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A Truckload of Mod ideas

1. Consistent Textures
Something I'm actively working on with Moros. Makes the in-game textures better resemble their inventory representations.

2. Less Than Ideal
I've had this idea for a hot while. Basically it'd add a common chance for items to drop with less damage / armor than they'd normally have. A lot of people say it's just pointless, and they're not wrong, but I feel that adding less than good items really strengthens the feeling when something good DOES drop. It could help those with slightly less good luck also to get an earlier, but smaller upgrade.

3. Barrels of Food
Adapting the food found in Ultima 6, it'd give a chance (possibly a high chance) for food to drop from barrels/boxes. The main, and I think most interesting idea, is where it replaces potions from dropping from barrels, and food being even more common, but giving less health and mana. Most likely, food would give a relatively small amount of both.

4. More Items
Further compounding on the idea of Consistent Textures and Less Than Ideal is More Items, which would more or less do exactly what you'd think. Trash items, completely useless items, and more gear. Whatever you can think, this would potentially add it so long as it made some sense to Dungeon Siege's world.

5. of the Missing Textures
A fun idea more than anything. Adds a low chance for items with "missing textures" to drop. My idea is that they'd give more damage / armour than what you'll likely be getting at that point, however they will still be very rare, perhaps allowing someone to be very excited when they DO drop.

6. NitPicks
"Fixing" personal nitpicks of Dungeon Siege, such as Zarausk and Hassat items dropping in Kingdom of Ehb or otherwise outside of LoA even though there are neither creature present.

7. Color Variance
Adds the chance of monsters with different textures to spawn. It is possible, but they'd have to be made on top of the respective .skrit file existing.

8. Cosmetics Retooled
Repurposes Cosmetics v3.0's assets to simply spawn on normal magic items.

9. Magic Pages
Changes the color of the in-game textures for Nature Magic spells, making them distinguishable not just by their name color, but also the texture on the ground.

10. Alternate Siege
Make the game live up to its name; Dungeon Siege.

11. Template Descriptions
Pretty sure something like this existed at one point. A modders resource where, as items drop, it says their respective templates the description section of the UI.

12. Useful Shrines
Makes health & mana shrines a little more effective for higher levels.

13. Reimagined Kingdom of Ehb
Reimagined areas with immersion in mind, such as a siege city surrounding the Castle of Ehb.

14. Kingdom of Ehb: Civil War
Replaces many of the enemies with human / humanoid characters, such as Giants, Dwarves, Humans, etc. etc.