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Dungeon Siege II : how to buy lower levels items ?

Hello to all,

Each time I start a new party, I train all of my characters to gain some levels :
1. in nature magic to be able to use heal and resurrect spells.
2. in ranged to be able to use bows in the goblin's lair.
Especially with Dungeon Siege Legendary Mod, but I also did it with Dungeon Siege II before.

The drawback is that I have to keep some low levels bows or spells because they won't be avaliable anymore in shops.
For instance my fighters gained four ranged levels and I kept their level 4 bows.
In the goblin's lair, they gained more levels but as my characters were level 32, shops didn't allow to buy lower levels bows like level 10 ones.

I was asking if there is a mod which allows to buy spells or items including those of lower levels in shops ?
The problem is the same for spells, to be sure all my characters can have a heal or resurrect spell, I buy them from the beginning for each of them. And I did the same with other spells.

As the gipsy camp teleporter doesn't work anymore for my current party, I recently reached the fort Kroth teleporter.
I was able again to reach Stonebridge and Glacern towns, and I found level 8 weapons (melee or ranged) in stores. Smile
And additionnaly I keep some weapons of higher levels to my characters of which I plan to increase skills. Big smile