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Medium amount of damages dealt for 10 seconds

I and Killergremal have been discussing the issue of bringing the "Medium amount of damages dealt for 10 seconds" from LOA into DS2/BW and the legendary mod, but the amount of work seems intimidating, so we are ready to take as much contributions as possible !

I share here our reflexions in case it can be usefull :

Gemeaux 333 :
I wondered if it would be possible to add the famous "average amount of damage dealt for 10 seconds" that was in Legend of Aranna in Dungeon Siege 2 ?
I assume the algorithms would be a little more complex to calculate them, but in the end they must be predictable and relevant...
What do you think ?

KillerGremal :
Hi Gemeaux333 - This would be a cool feature indeed, however I didn't find a good way to do it.

As far as I remember, a big handicap was to access all the data in a programmatical manner (skill bonus of the (future) owner or magical item bonuses or chances to apply damage). Also I didn't find a pleasant way to get/display the calculated speed on items not equipped yet, or specially those in a shop depending on the partymember currently selected.

Gemeaux 333 :
And what about the evolutive equipements that were in the legendary mod for a while ?

If the problem is too complicated, perhaps we should simply enter manually the values, like :
(minimum damage value + maximum damage value)/2 *(10/amount of seconds to achieve one attack)
I guess this is how it works in LOA (except it seems to include additional damages as well), perhaps we should try something rudimentary but accurante enough to give an idea of how much damages a weapon deal without any modificator, at least until we figure out how to complete the equation... don't you think ?

Personnally I don't mind having to place an item in the inventory or backpack of a character to have accurate stats being displayed, its better than nothing !

What you could do is making an algorithm that calculate the average amount of damages for 10 seconds as accurate as it is decently possible right know, if some factors cannot be included you just should say it straight in the description like : "Average amount of damages for 10 seconds (X, Y and Z are not included in the counting)" where X , Y and Z are the missing factors...

KillerGremal :
The calcualtions are not really the problem.
A small problem is what to do with magical bonues, for example strength or more more minimum damage - if excluced, how to ensure that minimum damage is not already included in the 'basic damage' - or if bonses should be included, what is the right amount of strength to consider (since it would increase damage or life too).
A big problem however is, how to get the result/text (whatever it is) into the display box of an item. The possiblilties to do this automatically are very limited, and adding this information in a hard-coded manner is not really flexible and the work afford would be extreme.

Gemeaux 333 :

for the small problem, I think we should have the rudimentary approach for a starter : what about considering the weapon without any influence from the character and it stats (or if the character was lvl 1) from what I could gather strengh dexterity and intelligence only have a mesurable effect if a lot is involved, while the safe values like additionnal minimum and maximum damages are way more consequent... I have the feeling both additional min and max are already included to the weapons seeing how its displayed in the weapon display box...

For the big problem, I have an idea, but it may sound teddious : like the adaptation process of the equipements from DS1 to DS2, taking all the templates and modifying them by adding the line... but perhaps I make it too complicated...