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New map Pentachoron Garden

I'm building a new map for DS1 LoA and I'd like to share the progress!
I've put the files up on github over here:

The map is meant to be pretty and exploratory, rather than epic or challenging. Also supposed to be open-worldey but until now there's only one way to go so yeah.
There's a mill, a farm, and a park in between; plus a somewhat rusty teleport system called the Flip-Flop.
- 6 NPCs
- 3 quests
- A shop with beginner items
- A packmule rental
- A few light enemies & a little loot

I've added some nice music that is royalty-free with attribution ( and it's in its own .dsres file because it's orders of magnitude larger than the rest of the map. If not present, standard DS music is played.

As said this is Work in Progress - I want to add several more regions. I don't know when I'll get around to that tho so no guarantees. But if anyone here would like to try out this map I'd love to hear your thoughts about it!

Very good small map: congratulations - I will play again and I will publish some print screens here (but all full screen).
Wait and See ...

I took a look at the garden it is a cool place I like the flip flop way to travel, however I purchased a pack mule and they can not use the flip flops. Really no point in purchasing one. This is also true for summoned characters, such as my wolves, this is disappointing. I like the music.


Thank you both for playtesting it!

bare_elf: I tried to re-play the packmule buying and noticed that you only have 30 gold + 10 gold worth of equipment in the beginning - really annoying because to buy a packmule just for playtesting you have to basically play thru the whole map. Should add a little crate close to the farm with 20 gold, and that's it Wink

Anyways, yeah packmules and teleports were not made for each other, since in the original maps packmules are in the singleplayer map and teleports are in the multiplayer map. But you can walk your mule onto the platform and then activate it with a human character, and you can take them with you through the flip-flop perfectly well. Mule handling like this is common on the singleplayer map with elevators that need human chars to pull the levers, so the flip-flop system is no worse than that.
Summoned creatures are usually not meant to be teleported, when you play on the MP map with some animal summoned and you find a displacer, you simply let its time run out while in town and when back on the way you summon a new one. So the flip-flop system is also no worse than that. But your wolves are meant to be summoned permanently, right? Can you tell them to step on the platform, or are they autonomous like e.g. a summoned rat? In that case bad luck for you, gotta respawn them or always teleport back to them, using the flip-flop only for quick shopping in the other region.

More feedback always welcome, the sooner the better! I want to add up to 3 more places to visit, and ways in between of course. I'm glad you like the flip-flop because I'm so very proud of it.

Thanks for explaining about pack mules and the flip flops, my wolves are autonomous. I guess I could create a Pentachoron Garden Wolf that expires quickly or is not autonomous. Please make more areas!! The gardens are very cool. Like the quests too.

very nice music
picked up a couple quests

used a pretty cool flip teleporting found this area

here i found a path blocking issue so had to circle back and cross bridge instead ???

here i fighting the "queen" and shes very tough almost got killed

here is the 3 quests done and a big chest which didnt have any loot but oh well

can say i can buy a mule on next run just forgot on this one, very nice map so far from what i seen. could use some more monsters in many areas but due time...cant wait to see the next version!!! good job!

That looks very interesting. I'm going to attempt to download it, but GitHub always manages to thwart me.

Hey Darkelf thanks for the playtesting and the praise & pics and also for the bug report! Yes I only stitched these regions on the single path node door. Will fix. (Also lighting seems a bit off there.)
The chests have random loots, this one has the highest value on the map, seems you had bad luck Laughing out loud
Won't put more enemies in the park, it's supposed to be relatively well-kempt and introductory / new-char friendly, but in the other regions I promise! Wink


I really like the atmosphere and extra touches in the map. I also liked that the monsters were spaced out so I could wander and check out the scenery and enjoy the music. I noticed the same pathing error as Darkelf as well as one near the Miller's daughter. Sorry I forgot to screen shot it. I'm going to give it another play test to pick up any other things. The first play test was just for fun.

One thing I was curious about was many of the flowers/vegetation being very large. Was this intentional? I liked it anyway, even if it was just how my computer rendered the game.



I've been using a camera mod so I disabled it and got the same large effect.

Took another screen just because it looked cool

I really like little touches like this. I always check out random stuff

Looking forward to future updates.

Thank you kathycf! More playtests always welcome but don't burn out - as I said I want to add some more content and will be grateful for sustained enthusiasm in the weeks to come Wink

Yes the enormous vegetation is intentional. I like to play around with things, and making the flowers bigger not only makes them prettier but also helps me fill the space faster Wink

Okay I killed all the bugs, fixed the flip flops, however a bow is not great for pulling weeds, you should sell hoes.


I understand you want harder enemies. You will get harder enemies! Wink

Hi all,
I found a LOT of time this week to work on the project. And TADAA have I got a new release ready for you! Smile
Please check it out & tell me what you think!

Mainly I've added 3 new regions: an Orchard, a Snapper Pond, and an Inn where you can hire no less than 5 NPCs! (And you can buy drinks of course).
The previous regions are essentially the same, but lots of details have changed. For example, I had to adapt conversations etc to the new possibilities. And a lot of time was spent on making small details more consistent, for example what plants and animals are used in which regions. Also I got rid of the statues of Catholic saints - I liked the idea but it doesn't fit into the game world of Aranna - and replaced them with figures that fit better: Lord Hovart & Lady Ashish, Azunai & Xeria.

So, enjoy your time at the Garden Smile

Farmboy at the entrance to the Orchard

I will check it out when I get the time.


150794899 wrote:


I am very sorry 150794899 we are unable to translate your post into English. Is it possible that you write you comments and questions in English
Thank You

The new areas of the garden are very pretty. The bad things are abundant. Lots of new quests! I really like the Inn. Beer was great and I hired Millie and Bailey. Bailey being the Inn Keepers daughter means we need another pack wolf to carry all the beer she requires. It's lucky the farmer has at least a dozen in lots of pretty colors. A great map that just keeps getting better and better. You need to increase the inventory that the Miller's wife has in her store. More spells, armor, weapons, and a few shields would also be nice.

I really liked the map and the concept of it. It has a nice open feel to it.

So far I noticed that the player bobs when entering the mill.

Nice scenic spot

Thank you for the feedback! Laughing out loud
About the shop (bare_elf), it's meant to be starter equipment only. But don't worry. I'll tell you right here & now, I have a clearer concept for the rest of the map by now, and I want to add two more places to visit - and one of them will be a higher-level mage shop and the other one will be a higher-level smith shop. The mage shop will be in the next milestone release, and the smith shop in the final release of course. Stay tuned!

foerstj wrote:

Thank you for the feedback! Laughing out loud

About the shop (bare_elf), it's meant to be starter equipment only. But don't worry. I'll tell you right here & now, I have a clearer concept for the rest of the map by now, and I want to add two more places to visit - and one of them will be a higher-level mage shop and the other one will be a higher-level smith shop. The mage shop will be in the next milestone release, and the smith shop in the final release of course. Stay tuned!

Staying tuned and not changing the channel.

(Oh goodie, a topic I can REPLY to rather than have to QUOTE every time)

Dulac wrote:

I really liked the map and the concept of it.

Me too.

I really like the outdoor statues and indoor statuettes.

Not done the orchard side of the current triangle yet, Hovart must be there in my game because he hasn't shown up in park or pond. Maybe I'll wait at least until the fourth location is added.

(As an aside, I've a question about Lady Ashish, but think I'd better start a new topic for that.)

150794899 wrote:


The first part says "I like your map very much" and the second part says "But we can't understand without Chinese language"

谢谢你, 使用互联网翻译, 尝试Yandex的翻译

So I've replied with "Thankyou, Using internet translation, try Yandex translate.

I've probably got that all wrong and I've just kickstarted world war 3 off.
We have to be careful how we talk to the chinese people as their government are not like our weak democratic ones, anything we say to them could cause them a lot of problems if their officials don't like what we say to them, so think twice before answering a post from one......

Thanks for testing, RSimpkinuk57!

Hovart is not (yet) on the map. The NPCs tell you to "send him back where he belongs" but there's no "official" quest. I tried to do one where he shows up in random locations but didn't get it working for 2 days (see here so that was that. Maybe later when there are more regions I'll add him in 2-3 fixed places...

About Ashish and Xeria I've read only recently over here when I was trying to make sense of the whole Garden and how it might fit into Aranna.
The Xeria statues are resurrection shrines btw just like the Azunai statues.
The interested player is supposed to learn the backgrounds by talking to the NPCs. The story of Hovart & Ashish is mainly covered by the old people in the Inn. Other NPCs drop bits of info here & there. I will have NPCs telling more about Azunai & Xeria in the next release (at the mage shop, fittingly).

I see that you have the source code on Github. I was wondering if this project is open-source and if community contributions are desired.

Good questions! I'm a fan of free software & wouldn't consider putting any restrictions on my map. I hereby declare the project CC-BY-SA & will add this into some readme & tank infos. The music I use is CC-BY-SA anyways, and I didn't separate the resource files for legal reasons, only for reasons of size.

I don't think community contributions will work tho. Not only is this a kind of pet project of mine and I don't want anyone to meddle around in it - you're welcome to make suggestions here of course, but please talk with me before you put in any implementation effort yourself.
The other reason is that, while it is possible to source-control .gas files as they are text files, they are not really made for source control, and especially the way the Siege Editor saves them is not made for source control. Often when I make even a tiny change there will be 1000 lines diff because SE decides to save the objects in a different order this time.
For example let's say you want another little phrak added at a specific position. Even if you make sure (e.g. edit the .gas manually) that the diff of the pull request is minimal, I might have made (even small) local changes that make merging impossible.
So, I don't want to reject the possibility right away, but I think it would be a lot easier if you tell me your ideas and I'll see if I like them & implement them myself...

started new game with release 3...picked up the 2 newer quests...have to say its quite harder.. 2 tries 2 was a giant gremal the other was 3 on 1....only suggestion/gripe i have this time it possible to add heath and mana bushes to loa? lol i will try again later.

That makes absolute sense!

Hello and welcome back! Long time no see Wink

Meanwhile in Pentachoron Garden: the map is complete! Newest release 0.5:
The Garden has now a Witch's Cottage (magic shop) and a Dwarven Smitty (equipment shops) and all in all 10 way regions.
I will finish the project next Monday and tag a 1.0 release, until then all you amazing people are very much invited to playtest the map and give feedback, bug reports, ideas for improvement etc.
Enjoy your time at the Garden Smile

Foerstj I decided to visit the Dwarven Smithy. It was a long road but fun with all the spiders and other things. I arrived at the smithy the first thing I did was talk to the guy near the flip. Then prior to visiting the shops I tested the flip. All seemed fine as I jumped to the mill and back. When I clicked on the flip I ended up with a black screen. I tried the mega map mode and was able to move around. However after traveling toward the mill for a while I switched back to normal mode and the screen was still black. I will try some of the other new locations after doing a restart and let you know what happens.

The witch's flip does the same thing. It appears the image size has changed as I can see part of a roof and a really big leaf. Remember I am playing with the DSLoA Start.
Will try with DS1 start next.