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DS History - Hovart and Ashish

The Dungeon Siege History document on this site, "written by Lone Knight, spans the content from:

Dungeon Siege 1 (including the Utraean Peninsula map)


Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna

The bonus Quest to Legends of Aranna

Dungeon Siege 2

Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World

Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony

They are all canonical works by GPG. Nothing else has been added."

Does anybody remember when and where GPG identified Hovart as commander of the 2nd Legion when the Empire of Stars was flourishing, and Ashish (before being turned into the Spider Queen) as his lover? Because that idea is quite incompatible with the evidence in the DS1 Utraean Peninsular map itself, Guard Relran's journal in particular.

Guard Relran's journal:

Dungeon Siege History document mentioned above:

That's interesting! Here she's called Lady Sathar, and seems to have had a "faible" for spiders even before the Utraeans turned her into the queen of Mucosa.

Is there a way to reconcile the two? Maybe her first name was Ashish and last name Sathar Smile

If it was just the name we could suppose that she used an alias (to stop news getting back to the Utraeans who she really was).

"Swords to ploughshares" (DS1 lorebook) places Karese Noanni's defeat of Gom and the independence of Ehb close to 844. Prince Edvard of Ehb (the "Goblin Pretender") occupied Wesrin Cross in 970 and Ibsen Yamas' military career, before becoming Overseer of Glacern, was 961-994 (which makes him rather old to be still there in the Kingdom of Ehb game, but that is another question). Relran has Lord Hovart alive in 1017 and "disappeared" 1019; Priestess Kelti in Elddim and dwarf mage Umberteen in Crystwind both testify that this was within their lifetimes. (Maybe only just within Kelti's).

Fans must have thrashed this out in forums years ago, but I wasn't there then, so do not know.