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Modding: Replacing Spellbooks Without Replacing Spells?

Hey everyone! I'm a long-time DS2 player, but fairly new to DS2 modding. Back the day, I would just combine mods or work with textures. This time, I'm taking a more holistic approach. I'm aiming to make my own personal-use "hotfix" to add bug fixes and quality of life improvements to the game. (I might post it one day if I get permission to add in the bugfixes I'm borrowing from other mods.)

Regardless, I'm just curious about one thing. When I play DS2, the biggest pain in my ass by far (other than the game crashing before I remember to save or me suffering indecision paralysis about my character build or which party members I'll go with this time) is switching spellbooks. Specifically, I'm interested in *upgrading* old spellbooks to a new spellbook without having to click and drag every single spell from one book to another.

Is it possible to include a function to right-click a spellbook and instantly transfer all your old spells to the new book as you equip it? I realize that some people probably use alternate spellbooks in their inventories to quickly switch between different spell-sets, so if the former is possible, is it also possible to have the best of both worlds? Like some kind of toggle for whether or not equipping a spellbook keeps your current spells?