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Siege Editor corrupting resources? EDITED

I've duplicated this several times: untank GPG_CGM Tutorial.dsmap file into its bits to folder gpg_cgm. It works out to 8 regions, and I can open them all. I make no changes whatsoever, just save all bits and tank the bits to Tutorial.dsmap. Now when I re-open the gpg_cgm map, region Tutorial, SE crashes with this:

"A fatal error has occurred and the app must shut down.
Unable to open file '' (mesh guid: 0x0000061d)
Check your nodes_misc.gas file for a typo..."

It does this too when I *do* make a slight mod (I added a bow and armor for my hero).

Only the region "Tutorial" is affected; I can open all the other 7 regions without issue.

Windows 10 Pro
GPGCGM Tutorial file (named Tutorial.dsmap) dated 2002-04-12, size 2435KB

Odd thing #1: Once I've re-assembled the bits into Tutorial.dsmap, that file is now only 1921KB in size. (Perhaps SE, as of v1.7. is more efficient than back in 2002).

Odd thing #2: I can load and play that map file that I just created, all the regions seem to have stitched correctly, and my changes are there.

I've attached a screen shot of the fatal error message, as well as the error dump from SE.

I'm also getting a video card error when I first launch SE (says it can't find an entry for my video card); I just Ignore Always and SE runs fine. I doubt this has anything to do with the resources being corrupted (but I could be wrong). Screen shot attached.

--- EDIT

More info on this...

First off, this GPG CGM Companion Tutorial map was last updated with SE (as per main.gas in any region folder) back in 2002 (judging by dsmap file timestamp).

The region "tutorial"'s main.gas file is different from an unmodified map file. Two additions/changes:
- Added: " x mesh_range = 0x00000000;"
- Changed: " i scid_range = 8;" to " x scid_range = 0x00000008;"

That region also has new *.gas files in the Objects folder, but they are empty. New *.gas files are:
- NEW: command.gas - size 0 bytes
- NEW: container.gas - size 0 bytes
- NEW: elevator.gas - size 0 bytes
- NEW: emitter.gas - size 0 bytes
- NEW: interactive.gas - size 0 bytes
- NEW: test.gas - size 0 bytes
- NEW: trap.gas - size 0 bytes

All other files in all other folders are identical in size (date is recent because I've just untanked them).

So... Would a large SE version difference ( vs. 1.7) matter? Why would SE create empty *.gas files? Why was the scid_range specified in integer format originally but hex with SE1.7?

Is it possible that this old *.dsmap file must be converted first before being useable with SE1.7? Is SE1.0 available anywhere still???

I'll keep digging...

an entry can be added to nvidia section of system_detail.gas in dungeon siege folder.. now i make no guarantee this is 100% correct but it should look like this

name = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080";
x vendorid = 0x10de;
x deviceid = 0x1b80;
x driver_product = 0;
x driver_version = 0;
b trilinear_filt = true;
b shadow_render_target = true;

the errors for that map i wouldnt worry about just hit ignore.

Thanks Darkelf, works like a charm.

About the error on the map, it's fatal, bombs right out without option to ignore. To top it off, it corrupts the map, so that I can no longer load that region.

That map seemed like such a good example to go by, but I'm re-thinking my approach and will be looking at newer maps (where source is available). More on that in further posts (of my modding trials and tribulations).

as far as maps go, should use the toolkit on the 2 ds maps (.dsmap files) then will have the resources avail in bits...also need to use the toolkit to untank just about all the resources as well they will all goto bits, then u can add weapons and stuff to starter character etc and just mod till your hearts content. most of the files are notepad edittable gas files

Maybe the zero mesh_range is the problem. If the region guid and the scid range are the same value, try using that value also for the mesh range... Or look into the node mesh index file what the mesh range value should be, if it exists. You might also simply delete that line again and see if SE loads the region properly.

Darkelf, I'm not following, sorry.
I currently only use SE1.7 to tank *.dsmap files, edit bits (regions et al.), and untank back to *.dsmap format. That is all part of the toolkit, isn't it?
I have not yet delved into manual changes (to *.gas, *.skrit, or any others), but I plan to, once I know more what I'm doing.

Foerstj, thanks for the suggestions. I will look into it. But I suspect that map is old and problematic, beyond my ability (at the moment) to workaround.

Instead, I've decided to study recent maps. Your recent maps (Ehland, Pentachoron, EoS) are amazing and look very interesting and informative, so if you don't mind I'll examine those, attempt to duplicate in my sandbox, and make sense of it all. Tall order, especially since it seems to involve a lot more than just working in the Siege Editor.

I find particularly challenging to layout out terrain after I've gone in different directions, to close off certain parts (where there just doesn't seem to be a terrain node that represents the terrain I have in mind -- i.e., the terrain just doesn't "bend" that way). Experience and practice are key, I suppose.

However, I also realize that more advanced techniques (beyond just using SE) might well be quite challenging as well. For example, meshes, textures, skrit files, gas files, etc. -- No shortage of adventures and challenges. I look forward to it, with the help of this wonderful community.

I feel honored if you examine my maps!
You can even use the regions or resources to create your own map if you want, they're licensed CC-BY-SA which means you have to give attribution and share yours under a similarly free license.

Ehland is my first & the simplest. There are iirc 2 regions and minimal gas & skrit hacking involved.
Pentachoron garden was done by me as well, still using existing resources as far as possible. I planned the terrain by drawing it onto checkered paper first, maybe that helps you as well, of course you still need a rough overview what wall nodes exist and which don't.
Empire of Stars is of course still in progress. This time I did almost none of the terrain myself, instead I'm importing existing regions and shake them up by switching the node texture set and textually replacing plant templates. There are a lot of pitfalls to this seemingly simple approach tho, so I recommend you start by making your own terrain.

Apart from clicky-pointy in Siege Editor, I feel quite at ease editing gas files by now. Skrit I can just copypaste. I did some simple texture work for new actors, and I'm very proud of my own terrain nodes even tho that was also just re-texturing. I haven't done any 3D whatsoever, neither meshes nor animations, and hopefully I'll never have to. But take it easy - it took me like 2 years to get to this level. And my most important tip: No matter how grand your ideas are, for your first map do something simple and minimalistic, like Ehland. Else you'll just get frustrated and walk away Wink

WyrdForge wrote:

Darkelf, I'm not following, sorry.

I currently only use SE1.7 to tank *.dsmap files, edit bits (regions et al.), and untank back to *.dsmap format. That is all part of the toolkit, isn't it?

I have not yet delved into manual changes (to *.gas, *.skrit, or any others), but I plan to, once I know more what I'm doing.

ok you seem pretty far along so that is good, but not sure you have other thing untanked. so here goes - dungeon siege folder has a resources folder. in it are -

and we should have a bits folder on harddrive that is made by siege editor -

location may vary then we load siege editor and we have menu -

and on that menu is Convert .dsmap to files, once that is clicked it should show something similar to this.

- source file happens to be the mp ds map in this example
destination will default to the bits folder
once ok is hit it will convert the entire mp map to the bits folder to explore.

also the convert dsmap to files works on the resources so would enter like Terrain.dsres into the source and it will put all the terrain graphics in bits...can do that for the other dsres files in resources as well....logic.dsres for example has the monsters, heros, spells etc to edit, so is good choice to start making new stuff.

hope this didnt confuse you more, as i dont want that to happen.