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Cannot create viable *.dsres with Tank Creator 2

I'm fully prepared to look the fool here, but here goes...

I can tank a mood file that I created, but the mood is not switched on when the trigger fires. I've verified that the trigger fires by using a known good, untouched, mood file (*.dsres) as the Action for the mood change. The mood is switched on.

I created my mood file via SE, and it's dead simple, just a pink fog.

I've noticed, using Tank Viewer, that my tanked mood file does not contain the embedded folder structure (...\world\global\moods\MyMap), whereas the known good mood file does.

When I untank that known good mood file, and then re-tank it, that one now also has no embedded folder structure. So that leads me to believe that I'm doing something wrong.

Is there a configuration or setting in Tank Creator 2 or SE that I need to fiddle with to get the folder structure embedded in the tanked dsres file?

Oh, and I confirm that I've selected DS1/LoA in Tank Creator 2, and not DS2.

I've never used SE itself, but whenever I've done template modding, I've always untanked the complete folder tree (ticked "use folder names" option in Tank Viewer's extract menu), deleted irrelevant branches, edited the text files within then tanked my outer folder.

to be honest i usually create new folders for mods with the structure of the bits folder.. like for instance this one i would have called pinkfog and added the files manually. i never use the bits folder for modding just to copy files i want to edit.

tank creator is nice cause it allows Priority which can be set by hitting the simple button, priority may need set if overwriting an existing named file

Thanks RSimpkinuk57 ! I didn't understand your explanation at first, but I created a simpler scenario and got it working. Turns out I had two issues: a) confusing filename and screen name when naming the dsres, and b) didn't tank the mood *.gas file from the root (world\...) And, not removing all non-relevant folders/files (to my map).

Thanks @Darkelf. I'm slowly learning what I can edit manually and what I must let SE do. I suspect experienced modders rarely, if ever, use SE; they do it on the bare metal (or close enough). For now, I'm still on training wheels, but learning tons (and maybe even remembering some of it!) I'll look into Priority; I noticed it, but it looked mysterious, so I left it for later.