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SE not showing SNO Filename & invisible nodes

I'm trying to figure out how to implement a cellar underneath a house, so I'm looking at different maps (DS1, LoA, MP, etc.) for examples, but I've run into problems...

Can anyone explain why in SE some maps do not show the nodes' SNO Filename? Not all maps, just some. The DS1 (map_world) and LoA (map_expansion) maps are fine, as well as some third-party maps I've looked at. The MP map (aka Utrean Peninsula, multiplayer_world) does not show SNO filenames, and neither does the GPG tutorial map (gpg_cgm). Is there any way to get the SNO Filename to display?

I've done a bit of sleuthing and found in the map's *.gas files where that node is referenced, but I don't know how to trace that further to its 'archetype' (for lack of a better word).

Second question: In the MP map (multiplayer_world), region "orchard_cellar", after going down the stairs and passing through the first room, there is a second room where there is an elevator to a further level below. Well, that room "at the back" does not display in SE, although I can click where I know there are nodes, and the nodes light up. When I select "Draw Doors", it's plainly obvious that there are nodes there. How do I get those nodes to display?

And a general question: What's the preference on this forum for asking several loosely related questions? All in one topic, or one topic for a each specific question?

SE not displaying the SNO filenames: might be a problem where the node data in your extracted Bits folder differs from the node data at creation of the map? Weird that it apparently works for KoE (map_world) but not UP (multiplayer_world)... they are quite similar but different from LoA (the LoA map uses node mesh index).

The node files are referenced in map/region/terrain/terrain_nodes.gas or sth like that, and the .sno files are in Terrain.dsres.

About the black nodes in the orchard_cellar: Maybe this room is simply covered with cap nodes? Cap nodes are used so that a player doesn't see what's in a room before they open the door (or in this case, go down the elevator). Select the cap nodes, then use "Hide Nodes" to see what's in the room.

Thanks so much for the reply.

A correction: The maps that do not show SNO filename are, in fact, KoE and UP; LoA seems to work fine. The GPG Tutorial map is also not showing SNO filename. How it got that way, I have not a clue; bad install?

About SNO filename not showing: I'm currently trying to work out the relationship between SNO files, bitmaps, meshes, texture, etc. to determine how a node gets its shape, texture, etc., but not so successful yet. I suspect it has to do with proper naming, proper folder, and NNK. I'm able to find any given node's GUID in nodes.gas, but don't know where to go from there.

Yes, it looks like caps are hiding the underlying nodes. What are cap nodes? It might have been more obvious to me if I could read the SNO filenames AND be able to trace a node in SE to its art/bitmap/texture/etc.

For example, in KoE region hc_r1, the level below the basement (accessible by way of the elevator trap door) is where those so-called cap nodes are used. When I delete them, I can then see the nodes.

I've had the SNO filenames not showing problem as well sometimes and don't remember how I fixed it. Have you extracted any dsres into your Bits folder?

A terrain node's information is all in the SNO file. It's a binary format but you can import it into SiegeMax to change it. The texture is also in the SNO, except for the generic nodes where textures are found based on naming as you said.
For example, I wanted to use the generic forest wall nodes in a region of mine with the jungle nodeset, but the middle part had no texture (the bushes between the floor and the wall). So I copypasted the texture from the pine-forest nodeset and it worked.

As I said, cap nodes exist for hiding a dungeon room from the players until they open the door. The doors have a trigger that fades the cap nodes of the next room.
No need to delete them, you can simply hide them. You can also select one of them and open the node dialog, open the fade tab, and click the button to select all nodes with these fade settings, then you can hide all of them at once.

Thanks again foerstj,

My question (about cap nodes) was really this: is that all cap nodes are used for? To hide/obfuscate the node under which it sits? Since I see many cap nodes (i.e., with "cap" in their SNO filename), I presume these are all variations to match many given terrain nodes (whether wall or floor). I get the concept, I just need to look further into triggering mechanisms to reveal/unhide and to use properly. Fun! (And I mean no sarcasm at all, I love this).

Yes, I've untanked several resource files into my bits folder: KoE, LoA, UP, and others. Could it be that untanking one of these has somehow messed up SE?

I realize (vaguely) that an SNO file contains all that's needed to display a node, but I'd like to know how a node is built from art, bitmap, mesh, gas, etc. to create the SNO, and especially the relationship between these. I'm going through a gmax1.2 tutorial series at the moment, and I'll also experiment with SiegeMax, so I may very well answer this on my own.

As usual, thanks for your help (and no rush or pressure on providing an answer right quick; we all have lives outside of Dungeon Siege).