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White nodes, no rendering. Why? How to fix?

I will look back at my recent posts some months or years later and think "What a noob!" At least I provide amusement (a certain scene from Goodfellas comes to mind).

Using SE, what does it mean when a node is all white, with no graphic rendering whatsoever? That it can't find the art (or mesh, or whatever defines how to draw it)? The shape/outline is there, it locks into place door-to-door, and my hero can even walk on it (as if on thin air), but it's all white.

I find many like that, mostly in terrain_nodes\generic\dungeon, terrain_nodes\dungeon_1, and terrain_nodes\dungeon2. For example, t_xxx_dgn_zportal-base-a.sno and t_xxx_dgn_cnr_ex-cnvx-a.sno, and also the cellar down stairway t_grs01_houses_generic-b-stone-celar-b.sno (which is made to fit to the house t_grs01_houses_generic-b-stone-celar-a.sno).

This is related to my attempts at laying out a house with a cellar, and also in duplicating the underground passage in foerstj's Ehland map (I'll have more questions on *that* one, later. Has me stumped on several bits).

As always, thanks for the help! I'm having a blast, but frustrated with all the gotchas and roadblocks (part of the learning curve, I suppose).

The generic nodes can have different node sets, you find that in the node dialog. But not for every node there are textures for every node set. Generally the dungeon nodes will have textures for dungeon node sets (like redbrick, graystone) while surface nodes will have surface textures (like grass, pine forest, snow). So you'll need to select a node set for your dungeon nodes that has textures defined, else it'll show up white in SE and won't render in DS.

I eventually figured that one out, sort of. When I select a terrain node from the SE file tree and it's white/untextured, I now know to fiddle with the Node Set.

Two questions:
1. Is there a setting (either in SE or something to change in a *.gas file) to default a given node to a specific Node Set? For example, some dungeon nodes always come up with Grass1, when clearly that's not applicable.
2. Why do some nodes have only one Node Set (e.g., b_t_abc01_flr-04x04-a/%img%) and others have several (some as many as 8 or 10)?

That said, I go back now to those faulty nodes, and they show up even though I haven't done anything to correct them, AND their node set still says Grass1 but they seem fine. Very confusing. Could "Update Textures" in SE have fixed this?

Then again, every time I re-read any Siege University article (especially Templates or NNK) or other tech info, I learn something new or a light bulb clicks. Maybe for this too.

I have specific questions about your Ehland, but I'll PM you for those, if you don't mind. Thx

1. There's no such option, but in SE there's the option of the "current nodeset". You set that to dungeon-redbrick and all nodes you place from there on will have dungeon-redbrick nodeset. When you want to do surface nodes again of course change the current nodeset back to grass or whatever.

2. What you mention there is not the nodeset but the texture. Simple nodes (like the floor rectangles) have one texture while complex nodes (like a house) use several textures, e.g. for the outside floor, stone-wall base, wooden walls etc.

Do PM me about Ehland Smile Not sure if I'll manage to answer quickly tho