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Hi, I've split up my resources from Empire of Stars and Pentachoron Garden into easily reusable chunks. Have a look:
Comment what you think / if you have suggestions for improvement / if something is missing or broken. Thanks & have fun modding Smile

A lot has been added since then:
- beta-mucosa: 3 Mucosa with textures from DS beta
- blank-sign: More blank signs
- death-forest: Plants full of spiderwebs (from Yesterhaven)
- fox: A fox
- frozen-forest: Textures for using the forest-wall nodes with the ice-caves nodeset (from Wintermod)
- generic-decals: Some floor & path decals with standardized names
- santa: Jeriah as Santa (from Christmas mod)
- snow-river: Textures to use the generic river nodes with nodesets Snow 2 and Ice Caves (from Wintermod)
- xmas-tree: Christmas trees (from Christmas mod)
... and some small ones, updated readmes etc. Check it out Smile

A lot has been added again, check it out:
- towngate-generic, watchtower-generic, droog-dwelling-generic: variants of these terrain nodes that can be used with other texture sets
- butterflies: loads of colors
- light-spell: a spell that casts light
- pumpkin: a plant non-interactive, a helmet, and Mr. Pumpkin Head
- templates-rescaled: fixed variants of templates that use scale_multiplier
- self-service-mule: a mule that doesn't require a merchant
- zombie-krug (previous one renamed eos-zombie-krug)
- zombie-bandits
- minimods finally under version control: backpacks-in-vanilla, spiker-unmoaned, dev-speed, dev-dayspeed well as changes to existing minibits:
- additions / fixes / improvements
- demo maps, pics

And one more important change: I've made sub-folders for different categories. The folder became just too unwiedly. There are 67 minibits now altogether!