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Wintermod & Christmas mod

Brace yourselves - Wintermod is coming

Hi, I'm currently working on a winter mod, and hope to get it finished for Christmas. Concept is to turn grass into snow and forest into ice. The mod overrides terrain textures, object textures, object templates, and moods. Mod format will be a dsres only (no map editing). Focus is on (the beginning of) the Kingdom of Ehb campaign, everywhere else might look broken.

Sounds like fun, it is cold enough for snow here.

Very frosty and cold looking. Where is Santa Claus?

bare_elf wrote:

Very frosty and cold looking. Where is Santa Claus?

Here - since a long time ago!

That Santa looks great! Maybe I can include him... I'm trying to make an accompanying Christmas mod actually...

Here come some Christmas Mod screenies!

Christmas in Glacern:

Christmas in Fallraen:

Christmas in Stonebridge:

Christmas in Elddim:

Secret Christmas forest:

Mountain Man as Ghastley's Santa:

Using this approach of overriding resources instead of editing the maps, it was unavoidable to get conflicts and inconsistencies in some places. Here are some screenshots of the not-so-pretty results Smile

Behind the entrance to the Goblins there's a random patch of pine forest that usually looks reasonable:

There are some texture borders that are not so noticeable usually but very noticeable in winter:

Some resources are used in the "wrong" places like this swamp log in the pine forest. Can't override that texture or else it'd look weird in the swamp.

Example of snowy resources even where they don't make sense - like snowy containers inside buildings:

The dry-grass regions were simply given up on:

The same goes for the LoA dark jungle:

Not to mention the Christmas music feels rather random in LoA because it was placed with KoE as priority. But well. Still the best winter & xmas mods in the land Santa


Christmas Mod:

These also have some more nice pictures if you want Santa

I downloaded the mods and will check them out later,

I am almost to the crypts, the snow, Christmas music and Christmas trees really change Kingdom of Ehb. This should be fun.

Christmas Girl (my primary character), Ulora, Naidi and the wolf Purple Rain are heading north to locate the overseer.
Elf Santa

Other than letting Purple Rain go (kept getting stuck on elevators) all is going very nicely. Found lots of useful items in the cross.

Thank you for playing! Smile Hope you get out of the spider dungeon soon to enjoy some more fresh winter air Wink

We made it out of the spider dungeon, now with two dwarves we are entering the Alpine Caverns. This is the part of the Kingdom of Ehb I dislike. All the ice flies!

Found Merik and left him with Santa at the trading post. While in the Alpine Caverns and after leaving the Caverns save frequently. As you might have issues going back.

Hi what do you mean with issues going back? Is there a bug or something?

It is a random issue with Kingdom of Ehb not your mod. The map just vanishes if you reenter the alpine caverns with Merik in your party.

What a cute idea! The snowy areas in the game have been some of my favorites. Secret Christmas forest looks lovely.