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The Cutting Room Floor Needs Your Help!!!

The Cutting Room Floor is a site that aims to archive every detail of a beta of video games.. and three days ago, I started one for Dungeon Siege!

As is, It's only been myself who's worked and added content to it, and even though (to be honest) I don't mind being the only person working on it, I would immensely appreciate help with archiving every cut piece of content from Dungeon Siege 1. If you're up for it, you may even start a page for Legends of Aranna, Dungeon Siege 2 or Broken World!

You do need a discord to join and make edits, so if you are unwilling to make an account yourself, I would immensely appreciate it if you shared the content I could post on it. If you don't happen to know everything, it will take a lot of searching, but every bit helps!