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Legends of Aranna remastered

As for the two original vanilla maps, I've now also set up a "remaster" of the LoA map:

Had to tweak the add_world_levels GasPy script a bit to take care of the little things LoA did differently there. Looking at you, dsx_darkgenerator_clockroom, are you an actor or not??

Anyways, hope it'll be useful if you ever get the idea of making a custom map variant of the Island of the Utraeans.

(The editability is a bit clouded by the fact they sub-classed templates that some objects are using directly, even within their map, looking at you dsx_utraean_townfolk_male_03 and ilorn! I mean wtf were they doing? But I figured pff good enough for a v1.0 release Wink )

Following the remaster, I could do a revisited LoA map. Does anything need to be fixed?